Saturday, May 10, 2008

Still around!

Whew! I can't believed I survived 2 1/2 days totally computer-free! Matt was in Louisville on business and of course, took his work laptop with him. The nerve! I did okay, though. Even the internet on my phone wasn't working for some weird reason, but at least I could still read my emails on my phone.

It's so awesome and so frustrating when Matt gets home from his trips. I always miss him terribly when he's gone and count down the seconds until his return. For some reason Iris has a tough time with the transition of her dad getting home after being gone. She acts amazingly rotten and pretty much does every single sassy thing she can possibly think of. It sucks because I'm exhausted of being on 24/7 kid-duty and Matt is exhausted from getting so little sleep on his trip. We just want our girls to be easy and lovely and relax, but that isn't ever the way it works. I think we're back on track a little bit after a rough morning.

This morning we went over to a huge park that has a playground and the city's biggest dog park. I brought Heidi to meet other "doodles". That is, dogs who have been bred with Poodles. The idea of a Doodle meetup just seemed a little too silly to me, but I was excited to go, anyways, so Heidi could get some doggy interaction. It turned out to be really fun and Heidi had a great time. For some reason these types of dogs, all Labradoodles and Goldendoodles (except for Heidi, who is an Aussiedoodle) were so incredibly well-behaved. There were a lot of them there, maybe 30, and the only little fight I saw involved a dog that wasn't a "doodle" getting in another dog's business. Usually at dog parks Heidi is nervous and sticks right by me, but today she raced all over and had a blast. I'm excited to get together with that group next month. I found this group on on the suggestion of a random gentleman I met on the street who was inquiring about my dog.

I am really enjoying Heidi. While Matt was gone it was a little tricky to get Heidi the amount of exercising that she needed, but I still did it! On Thursday she got three walks, one that was 45 minutes and two more 30 minute walks. Pretty good when I'm pushing a stroller and wearing an almost 30 lb child in a backpack!

Wedding planning stuff has been coming along despite our computer being in the shop. I got Matt's and the groomsmen's ties from an Etsy seller, I got the gifts for the bridesmaids and the invites are well underway. A good friend is designing them and printing them for us for free, as a gift to us. Isn't that fantastic?

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I already let Matt know not to get me anything. Heidi is my big gift and the most perfect thing for me :)

I recently decided not to go to New Jersey at the end of the month after all. I'm a little annoyed that I won't get the money back for the plane ticket I bought, but oh well. I was so excited at first and it just completely lost the excitement for me after some drama that went down and then just feeling like there were more things I'd rather be doing at home. So, Matt is still going to go away with the girls as he already had planned on doing that weekend and I will stay home and do some projects, including painting the living room (finally!). The excitement for the weekend returned and it can't come fast enough!

What else? I think that's the big stuff. The computer should be back this week and I will resume picture posting (aren't you just dying to see a decent picture of our pup?!?!) and just regular posting in general.

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