Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Our awesome morning*

My older daughter can be such an asshole. Oh my god. It's insane. This morning I dressed them in their rain clothes and we drove over to Lincoln Park in West Seattle to meet some other mamas and kids to explore the low tides. It was so amazing. I could have stayed out there all day exploring all of the creatures that were hiding amongst the water, seaweed and rocks. But Iris? She screamed her fucking head off. I couldn't believe it. She hated pretty much everything about it and was especially afraid of the crabs, which she never even got near, but holy cow, they were terrifying. Eloise was a little ambivalent. She enjoyed some of it, was upset by other parts of it, though I don't know how much of that was just being upset because her sister was. So after dragging a screaming Iris around for a while and attempting to have conversation with other mamas and listen to the naturalists speak I finally gave up and decided to walk back towards the beach with them. Of course, that took forever because every step she had to completely freak out. You know, maybe the low tide isn't her thing, fair enough. But to scream your fool head off? Why? I just don't get it. I tried to explain to her over and over that she was safe, that the crabs couldn't get her, that nothing was going to happen to her. It didn't matter.

After that we got our lunch and sat down and hung out with the other kids and mamas. This was the one nice part of the adventure. My girls were fairly well-behaved at this point, it was a nice break.

All hell broke lose when it was time go home, though. Iris completely fucking lost it. She screamed and tantrumed and freaked out when I took her stick away after she came extremely close to hitting her sister with it. Twice. I tried to chat with another mama as we walked back to the car, but pretty much all I could do was repeat my internal dialogue of "Do not strangle your child. It's not cool. You would go to jail. Just don't do it." She head butted me in the mouth, I had to pick her up, drag her and listen to her scream bloody murder. My new friend was, I am sure, horrified, but was nice and supportive anyways. Bless her heart! By the time I wrestled Iris in to the car her tantrum was finally over.

It is so funny because just last night at the parent meeting at Iris's school we discussed setting limits and the like. The director was saying that you should just let your child know that the discussion is over, end of story, and it will be done. I'm like, yeah, you obviously have never interacted with my child because that is NEVER the end of the story. She screamed about her damn stick for a good fifteen minutes despite me saying the discussion was over.

I'm exhausted. We were supposed to have so much fun and it was mostly just a gigantic pain in my ass.

*yes, this title is facetious


  1. oh man, I am sorry. days like that just suck. Going to look at tidal animals sounds like a freaking dream come true to me, too. kids.

    I can't wait to see you! Must RSVP to your shower tonight or tomorrow. :)

  2. ah hell. sorry dear. although isa is still young, we've had similar moments and they just suck. i think the added expectation of something being really cool (to us adults) just makes it that much harder to swallow. ugh. hope you have a better day tomorrow.

  3. Thanks mamas *hugs*

    I am excited to see you, too, Stephanie!

  4. I know how you feel - I think our moments like that are often at home b/c I can't get him to leave the house or at a new persons house. I think it was great meeting you guys & know that we will have fun another day! It sounds like the day just wasn't going her way! I wasn't sure if Kyle held a tiny crab to show her it was gentle if it would help or make matters the way the matching ladybug raincoats are so cute!! we'll try the zoo next time!!

  5. Did you spend any more time considering the possibility that our children are terrible, terrible people because they are forged from our DNA? They were doomed from the statrt I tell ya!

  6. Might I remind you of the tantrums where EJ was sent to her room during a tantrum and screamed great howling Exorcist screams and body slammed the doors?

    It is hard being a parent sometimes. Luckily, all of us never actually ACT on our feelings of violence. I know she (like all kids) can be an asshole, but Iris is still a pretty great kid! (which translates into you're a pretty good mom!)

    Also - the only way I've had been able to get a discussion to end is to just start taking things away. Saying the discussion is over has no meaning to EJ (who you may have noticed is very strong willed ...) so I end up having to say "Ok, no x-y-z tonight if you don't drop it" then "Ok, now you are losing x-y-z privilege" until basically she is sitting naked on a concrete floor with no food or water for the next two months (ok ... not quite).


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