Sunday, June 29, 2008


We had a pretty fun weekend. On Saturday I put some stuff out to participate in a rummage sale that my downstairs neighbor's were having. They collect cool vintage/retro stuff and it's so fun to look through it all.

I didn't make much money. Only $81. But not too bad. Of course, I did spend most of it!

Let's see. So, from my neighbor I purchased a few very cool things. Note: all photos stolen from the internet.

This Ingrid party ball set for $20:

And this pitcher set (except mine is red, not white) for $7:

And the I bought Iris a cute little glass water pitcher so she can use it for pouring her own water for $3. (no photo)

My neighbor also gave me a set of five Ingrid square trays that I was drooling over. They are square trays with a little circle on the corner to set a cup in. Oh, and a cute picnic blanket. Price: free!

THEN today we went to Toys R Us, and remember the radio flyer wagon trailer I was drooling over a few posts back? Well, everywhere I looked online it was like $60. Too pricey for us! But, today it was at TRU and the sign said it was on sale for $25. We brought it up to the cashier and it rang up on clearance for $20! I almost fell over. I'm so excited about the trailer!:

We also bought a cart load of stuff from Bed, Bath and Beyond with the gift cards we got at the Bridal Shower earlier this month. It was a blast to shop for FREE! Even Matt was excited about the shopping trip, which I assure you, is very, very rare.

Other weekend highlights: Matt and I sort of got a date last night. I accompanied him to the At the Spine show and the High Dive. I have never seen ATS perform before and they were fantastic. You might not believe it, but Eloise stayed up the whole time I was gone, with her auntie, and wasn't in bed until almost 11:30. Oh, it was the third time this week she stayed up that late! It's crazy. But she's in a great mood, so whatever. I spent $11 each way on a cab, so total of $22.

Total made from the sale: $81

Total spent on other fun stuff: $72

Eh, pretty much broke even. Oh! And I folded a booty load of cranes yesterday during the sale, so that made it worth while!

We rounded out the weekend with trips to the dog park, a BBQ with friends, and lots of sun. I hate the sun. I want it to go away. I'm only kidding. Sort of. We also met a really wonderful family to see if we were compatible for them to do some childcare for us. They were so awesome. We loved all of them and I think it's going to be a GREAT match. Finally!

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