Monday, June 02, 2008

Sweet, sweet bliss!

My weekend of bliss is over. Matt took the girls to his parents on Friday morning and they didn't return until late Sunday afternoon. I really thought it would be one of those things where I looked forward to it coming, but hated the alone time once it got here. Um, nope! It definitely helped recharge my stores of energy and I crossed a million things off of my to-do list. Lots of shopping for wedding stuff was done, which is SO MUCH FUN without children in tow! I was on the phone with my mom in IKEA and emailing her pictures of things from my phone to get her opinion. Trying on clothes at Old Navy, staying up late and sleeping in and watching whatever movies I wanted to were also highlights of the weekend.

I was so glad that Eloise did fine without me. It was the first time she has ever slept without me for an entire night and although it sounded like the nights started out a little shaky, she slept right through after she fell asleep and didn't ask to nurse at all. Of course, the first thing she did when she saw me upon returning home was ask to nurse, but that was to be expected.

We are jumping right back in to the chaos around here, however. A very busy week this week and a busy weekend coming up, as well. The girls and I are leaving next Monday for a trip to WI for a week-- I'm very much looking forward to being there, but not so much to the travelling that is required to actually get there. Please send little Eloise lots of calm, patient vibes for the plane ride!

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  1. Funny - my boy did fine without the boobies all weekend, but that was the first thing he wanted as soon as he saw me! He was making the milk sign and saying "Nee, Nee!" while grinning and running full tilt at my knees. I am actually really glad that he didn't lose interest over the weekend.

    Calm, soothing thoughts are being sent to little Eloise!


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