Friday, June 27, 2008


Eloise is the Queen of Tantrums. I thought Iris was, but oh no, she's got nuthin' on Eloise.

Two interesting things are happening with Eloise's tantrums, however. First, they are getting more powerful. As she gets bigger and stronger and exposed to more things and more autonomous, she has much more precise ideas about what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it. Today she had not one, but TWO, full on tantrums about wanting (wait for it) diet pepsi. Um, yeah. So she screams, gets down on the floor, pounding feet and fists against the ground. If you look closely, there is steam exploding from her ears, as well.

But in addition to her will expanding, so is her ability to communicate. I can get down on the floor with her and have a rudimentary conversation about what is going on and what to do now. I tell her why she can't have soda. I explain that the screaming is hurting people's ears and that we can go sit in the bedroom if she wants to scream (which she never does) and often times she calms down from this. I mean, of course it's not 100% perfect every time, but we're getting there! It's so very exciting.

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  1. well my dear, atleast we're not the only ones in tantrumville lately!


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