Thursday, June 05, 2008

Turning it around

So after the debacle of yesterday, Iris was a true joy today. The high point was shopping with her and Eloise and how amazingly well-behaved she was, even as I let her look over the entire section of candy for something-- just one!-- to pick out for the plane ride we will be taking next week. We laughed with each other, shared stories, collectively decided on what to purchase. It was like, oh, wow, this is what it can be like when we're getting along!

Earlier in the day, while we were on a walk, Iris was asking for a sno-cone treat from the grocery store. She had forgotten about it by the time we got home, but I didn't. You should have seen her eyes light up as I suggested during dinner that we go over to the store to buy some! I love getting chances to surprise her.

Even Eloise was a joy today. She and her sister were being so silly over breakfast. The kind of stuff where you think, man, these are terrible table manners, but wow, they are having fun! Our lunch consisted of fart talk, but whatever. We were laughing and eating and it was great.

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  1. Wow--sounds JUST LIKE GRACEANNE!! She is about as stubborn as well--I'd say a mule, but it really boils down to about as stubborn as her dad and I!! Isn't it amazing how they can be such total turds one day and then the next they are little angels? It certainly sets the guilt in for me. You read the post on my blog about my freakin' out and her telling me I was a nice mommy. MAN--they really are the sources of all our anguish and joy, eh???


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