Saturday, July 12, 2008

Babies babies everywhere . . .

. . . and not a drop of lust. Whew!

I know three mamas who have given birth to perfect, gorgeous baby girls in the past two weeks! It's so exciting. Two of the mamas live on the east coast so I am not sure when I'll get the chance to see them (but rest assured, someday, I will!). My other friend lives right here in Seattle and had her first baby completely naturally! I was so proud of her. Having been transferred to the hospital with my first birth I give serious credit to those mamas who do it without drugs the first time. Well, any time, really, but especially the first time.

It's just so neat, all of the babies. It's an amazing miracle every single time it happens and blows me away just how tiny and perfect babies really are.

So far it's been an okay weekend. A crappy picnic last night and a literally crappy afternoon today, but there has been some higher points, too.

Today as I was nursing Eloise to sleep I couldn't figure out why I kept smelling a wretched poop smell. I got up to lay Eloise down and saw a big puddle of what looked like diarrhea on the floor. I was a little alarmed and as I looked around I realized that Heidi had taken Iris's poop out of the (open and unflushed) potty. And made a mess of it everywhere. I kind of freaked out because it was soooooooo gross. Eloise woke up. I cleaned up the mess with lots of diluted bleach and gave the dog's muzzle a bath. Gross, gross, gross. It was in a whole new category of gross. I had no idea Heidi would do that considering she doesn't even notice cat poop. Blech.

I got a couple of hours of alone time today, though. Matt took the girls out while I watched Six Feet Under on DVD and folded and strung cranes. Almost done! 75% of the way and I'm really ready to be DONE.

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  1. That really does take disgusting to a whole new level. BLECH. Sorry you had to contend with that!


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