Monday, July 14, 2008

Needing well wishes

Last week I got a group email informing me that my midwife, Heike, the one who attended Eloise's birth, was in Italy with her family and her 14 year old daughter was hit by a car while she was walking. At the time her daughter was in very serious condition in a hospital in Italy, and she still is in serious condition, but it sounds like there have been some definite signs of improvement.

Heike's description of how she felt at the accident are truly heart-wrenching. I couldn't imagine being there feeling helpless not knowing if my daughter was going to live or die. She has been in Italy as her daughter recovers (hopefully fully) and is only allowed to spend 30 minutes a day with her.

If you are the praying or well-wishing sort, please send some of those over the giant pond to Heike and her daughter and the rest of their family as they continue down this long, hard road to recovery.


  1. I got that email :( I am so sad for them and praying for her daughter's fast recovery. Heike rocks and she has our last name! Besides the coincidence, we really connected with her at BWC...I also pray she has the strength to deal with all she's dealing with now.

  2. Oh dear- I can't imagine! I hope all is ok.



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