Friday, July 25, 2008

Officially a family of four

Today Matt got a vasectomy. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. To say I want no more children is an understatement. In fact, can we start giving back the ones we've got? (just kidding!)

I love, love, love bigger families. I came from a three child home myself. However, it's just not at all right for us. The thought of going through another pregnancy, child birth, baby years, wow, it is just terrifying. I haven't regretted my wish for Matt's vasectomy for a moment. Not even when I was holding my friend's beyond adorable two week old baby. So you KNOW I mean business!

So Matt gets a little extra TLC this weekend. And in to next week. And forever and ever. I'm really lucky he was willing to take this step for our family.


  1. i think that is awesome! when you know your family is done, i think that it's so much better to go ahead and ENSURE that your family will be done. congrats, even though i know that perhaps that is a weird thing to say!

  2. Now I can spread my lifeless seed all hither and yon!

  3. The doctor said we need to 'flush out my system' over the next few weeks, so that should be fun.


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