Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our missing kitty

I'm so heartbroken. Our beloved cat, Benjamin, is missing. He went out yesterday afternoon and still has not returned, which has never happened before in the 13 years that I have had him. We checked with animal control. We put up flyers. Now we sit and wait and wander the neighborhood and hope and pray that he is either still alive or died a peaceful death. I can't imagine never seeing him again and I certainly didn't think the end of our long relationship would end like this. I pray it hasn't. I just want him to come home.

Tonight I was joking with Matt that maybe Benjamin found a nice old couple without kids or dogs who just want to sit and pet him all day long.

It probably sounds dramatic to be so forlorn after 24 hours of him being gone, but the truth is, he's very old. He's about 18. A young soul in an old body, but he is old. He can get around, but he can't run very fast or defend himself very well. He is a good sleeper. And pooper.

Anyways, if you can, please send good vibes that wherever Benjamin is, he's safe and happy. Whether that is here on earth or in kitty heaven :(

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