Friday, August 01, 2008


I had a really intense day. Will do my best to document it all here for anyone interested, but I'm mostly writing it for myself to be able to look back on as I need to.

This morning I had an appt with my dear friend Julie who just completed her training to be a certified hypnotherapist. I was a little familiar with what she might do since I did some hypnotherapy when I was pregnant with Eloise in preparation for her birth. We began our session talking about how our brains work, how beliefs get formed, how hypnotherapy helps to re-program our subconscious. I brought up a few things I was interested in working on, one was my phobia/anxiety. We decided to focus on that. First she did a few things to see how suggestable I was and how well my imagination worked. She did three different little things with me that I seemed to show a good level of suggestability-- an exercise where I imagined one hand held balloons and the other held a bucket of sand, another where I clasped my hands together and she "screwed" them together without touching them, and the last where I laid back, holding a pendulum and was able to make it go whichever direction I wished only using my mind. I was very surprised that these exercises worked so well!

After that we got in to the main exercise. Basically Julie helped me deeply relax in to a suggestable state of mind. She walked me through the steps I needed to rid my subconscious mind's association of fear/pain with the issues I have my anxiety over. It was really cool. Afterwards I didn't feel that much different, but I am curious how I will react next time I am faced with the situation I have difficulty with.

We ended by doing an exercise which taught me how to put myself under a hypnotic state so that I may relax more on my own. Oh, we also talked about the importance of things like positive self-talk, and the law of like attracting like. It was a powerful session overall and I can't wait to try it again! See what else we can fix, huh?

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  1. I wonder if she can help me lose weight ... hmmm ... it's all psychological stuff that is holding me back.


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