Sunday, August 03, 2008

The insane update on Benjamin

Please, if you read this, please please leave a comment about what you make of this. I would greatly appreciate ANY insight anyone has to offer.

So, if you haven't yet, go back and read the post I wrote a couple posts back about my conversation with the psychic on Friday night.

Okay. This morning Matt gets a phone call. It's a guy saying he's standing outside by our lost cat poster and says there is an envelope tacked to the pole under the poster. Matt opens the apartment door and the guy calling him is standing on the corner in front of our building. He goes and grabs the envelope and brings it upstairs and hands it to me. There is a computer-written, unsigned note inside that said exactly this:

"To Benjamin's Family

Benjamin was found near here in physical distress. He was vomiting and his breathing was not normal. He had no tag or collar, and so was thought to be a stray.

He was taken and cared for, but his condition was severe and he did not live. Please know that he was held and comforted in the most tender way, and did not die alone.

We are very sorry for your loss."

No way at all to identify who left this. Also, it was left at some point between about 11:30 last night and about 7:00 this morning.

We have run this over and over and over in our heads and it just doesn't make sense at all to us. I contacted the psychic and she told us that the person who has him wants us to stop looking for him and it doesn't feel truthful at all.

Interestingly, we ran the note by other people who don't at all believe in psychics, but absolutely think the note wasn't truthful, as well. Of course, some of our friends did think it was genuine. Most people thought the note was strange, however, and just didn't think it made sense that the person who left the note didn't call us, didn't try to contact us when our cat was found (we had flyers up within 12 hours of him going missing and he wasn't sick when he went missing). It is all so bizarre.

Matt and I are very angry about it. We want to get to the bottom of who left this for us and I believe we will. I've started contacting people to help us and although I may get laughed at, I'm going to the police, as well.

Wish us luck. And pass alone advice or any thoughts you have. Seriously, any words of wisdom help at this point.


  1. I am not the sort to rely on stuff like this, but I feel like if I found a sick cat who died, I would be pretty upset about it. If I later saw some posters of said cat, I would let the family know in gentler terms.


  2. I really don't know what to make of it. It sounds very, very strange. I mean, if these people who left the note found both your cat and your poster, why couldn't they CALL to let you know what happened? There's no reason to think that you'd be checking your posters so leaving a note attached to a poster (that includes a phone number!) seems like a very, very strange way to pass information, especially sensitive information. Also, if these people were with your cat when he died and now they realize he's not a stray, I'm surprised they wouldn't want to give you info about the vet they took him to, or perhaps even ask you to pay some, kwim?

    I suspect that something is up. Have you considered contacting your local police department?

  3. I agree with the idea that whoever has Benjamin just wants you to stop looking for him. I wouldn't believe that note either, if I was in your shoes.

  4. i wholly agree that what is written in that note is categorically untrue. everything about it sounds like a lie, from what was said to the way it was delivered. in fact, it reminds me stylistically of the dealings i have had with several nearly sociopathic compulsive liars. (as my friend dc says, i radiate stability, and thus attract "those" people - like moths to a flame!) i wish you luck with this. our fingers are crossed!!

  5. Alright, Sybil, that is really weird. I think someone wants to keep him as well.

    I have been praying for you & your sweet kitty and hope that this gets resolved sooner than soon and you can have some peace.

    :( xoxo

  6. I don't have any wisdom. I'm just sad and trying to think of solutions.

    Have you thought about contacting The Slog to see if they're interested in your story and helping you find Benjamin? I think this has made an odd enough turn that they'd be interested.

  7. Thank you all SO much! It was really wonderful to wake up this morning to so many comments.

    Needless to say, I'm so relieved that the more people I talk to the more people agree with my interpretation of this note.

    Thank you thank you thank you.

    Oh, and yes, I will go to the police today. I'm ready for them to kind of look at me weird and pat me on the head, but I will try!

  8. i know someone else who used a cat psychic to great success. i too was skeptical but since it worked so well i now believe there are people who know more than most about our beloved pets. i'd trust your instincts, and perhaps this is a cat-napping. good luck, suna

  9. Does it bother anyone else that it is written entirely in the passive voice? As a writer/editor by trade, I am sensitive to that.

    For example:

    PASSIVE: "Your cat was found..."
    verus: "We found your cat.."

    When you catch someone writing in the passive voice it usually means a) they aren't too confident in what they are saying or b) they are trying to hide/cover something. People switch to passive voice instinctively, even our kids know how to do it.

    For example, "Iris, what happened? Why is your sister crying?"

    Her response isn't "I pushed her into the couch," it is "she fell in to the couch."

  10. Saw your thread on MDC, had to come check out the story...

    I agree- sounds like a total load of BS to me. They obviously found your poster, so why not CALL the number on it? Unless, of course, they didn't want to be tracked down by your caller ID...

    They obviously don't want you to have any idea of who they are. I just can't see any logical reason for that unless their hiding something (or someone- like Benjamin). :(

  11. Perhaps it was someone who didn't have the heart to break such bad news to you? I would say you are fortunate that someone was kind enough to reply, most don't take the time. I am truly sorry for your loss.

  12. I think it was someone who cared very deeply about Benjamin-- after all, I found out today that she personally paid for his medical bills from that day and did want us to reimburse her. But for whatever reason she didn't/doesn't want to connect with us. I have no idea why, but it is what it is.


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