Friday, August 01, 2008

Pet Psychic

Tonight I had an appt with a pet psychic. I am well aware that this is something most people will really roll their eyes back in their head over, but hear me out. It was amazing.

The other night I was having a panic attack over my lost cat Benjamin. I just didn't know how I could move on not knowing what happened to him. I thought, someone knows where he is, I know it, and that brought me to the idea of finding a psychic to work with. First I asked on MDC (where I ultimately found the psychic I worked with) but I also talked to my brother's girlfriend, Guin, who has done some intuitive work-- she's studying to become an energy healer. Anywho, she recruited some friends to get some readings for me and delivered their messages this morning, which was mostly that he was alive and was being cared for.

So, no surprise when I got on the phone with Terri tonight (the psychic) and she immediately tells me Benjamin is alive, safe and being taken care of. She said he was close by, in someone's home. He was sitting in the window in a pale yellow room. He had food. He had absolutely crossed the street to get to where he was (we didn't think he would have crossed the street, so this was important to know). She made specific suggestions as to how to get him back, as well. Basically it sounded like someone had him who thought he wasn't being well taken care of and they don't want to give him back. She had some very specific suggestions for me on taking care of Benjamin when he comes home, as well. I was blown away by what she said he needed because she focused on A) giving him 24 hour access to his food (this was something he didn't get because the dog eats his food) and B) helping keep him safe from the girls. These were the two biggest issues we have been having and she picked up on that without me telling her. She believes he is in a house across the street to our south, as well. Not only did she give speculation on where he was and how he was doing, but she absolutely keyed in on things that I believed she had no way of knowing other than being very intuitive. Matt is still skeptical, but you know, when we have Benjamin back, he'll eat all of those eye rolls he gave me!

Terri also had alot to say about other things, about the health of some of our family members. I won't get in to that here out of respect for those people, but it was amazing as well. She just kept talking about it and let me know that she was getting a strong message that it was important for me to have that info. She kept reminding me that everything is curable.

In addition, she asked me about our dog. I told her a few brief things about Heidi and she let me know that Heidi was our previous dog, Lily, coming back to us. I asked her if Heidi had any abandonment issues because we were her third home she's had. She said no, that Heidi was just waiting to get to us. Oh, and before that she said that she picked up on that Lily had died already and Heidi was our new dog. She had something to say about Lily's death, I don't remember what exactly, but she knew something about the events surrounding her death. She told me Lily thought it was the perfect death (or something like that) and that she knew it was really difficult for me. Gosh, I wish I could remember more clearly what she said.

Anyways, this is all I remember, or have written down. Off to bed! We need to get up early to get to work on finding our cat!

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