Monday, September 01, 2008

Blogging Bumbershoot

On Saturday Matt and I took the girls to Bumbershoot, Seattle's yearly music festival. I hadn't been to Bumbershoot since Iris was just over a year old. I don't even remember who we saw that year, only one performance, but we had a hell of a time getting home on several different buses in the pouring rain. But I digress. I will admit to not being too terribly excited about the festival this year. Typically it is super crowded and typically our children are more than we can handle on a good day in the protected space of our tiny apartment, but once again Matt had press passes so we packed up the girls, hopped on the 28 and went Bumbering.

We checked in easily, got our press passes and wandered out looking for some food. Likely we made the worst possible food choice, paying $7 for a plate of something that barely passed for phad thai and a chicken satay skewer. Pretty much every other booth we passed was making what appeared to be something much more delicious. Matt had a philly cheese steak and that was deelish. We parked ourselves on the fountain lawn and watch the skateboarders on the Rockstar half-pipe. Matt was delighted, and I was appalled, by the amazingly scantily-clad Rockstar girls who were serving up free drinks a mere twenty feet away from us. The girls loved the music and skateboarding, but alas, it was time to head to the mainstage for a little Neko Case.

The press passes came in handy here, as we were able to get in to the show from the entrance behind the stage. We had friends who waited in line for what seemed like half the show to even get in to the stadium from the main entrance. I was extra-pleased the Starbucks' crew had a tent set up inside Memorial Stadium. They weren't even charging through the nose for their beverages as most other vendors at Bumbershoot seem to do. $4 for the same drink I usually pay $3.83 for. Not too shabby. We found a spot on the "lawn" near some other families with small children and plopped down. Neko started a few minutes later, we danced, sang along, took pictures and hung out before we were joined by some friends.

Here's a little funny side note: as you may or may not know, Matt and I were "married" last Saturday. I say "married" because, amazingly, the ONE thing we forgot to bring to the wedding ceremony was our marriage certificate. It wasn't until a week later that we hit everyone up to sign the certificate for us so we could turn in to our friend/officiant, Adam. Julie, a bridesmaid in the wedding, signed the certificate for us during Neko's performance.

Okay, back to Bumbering. After Neko we headed back to the press room to meet up with the fore mentioned Adam, turned in our certificate and hung out eating and only slightly succeeding in keeping the girls from destroying the press room. The free red vines helped keep them bribed/entertained for a bit, as well.

Then on to Asylum Street Spankers. Now, I loves me some ASS. Yeah, yeah, pretty funny. But they were not at their finest during the band's afternoon kid's show. Technical difficulties plagued the beginning of the set and though some of the songs were spot-on kid's favorites (one about a lunchbox, one about boogers) some of them were complete snooze-inducing mis-steps. The only female in the group, whose name escapes me, seemed uber-cranky, as well. Maybe pregnancy induced? Who knows. We left about 2/3 of the way through the set to seek out some cotton candy before making the hike back down to Dexter to hop back on the 28 and head home.

Overall impression on the festival this year was overwhelmingly positive. We have to keep ourselves open to any and all possibilities when traversing unfamiliar situations with the girls, but everything went incredibly smoothly this trip. The festival was comfortably crowded, which was a huge bonus. We never found ourselves trapped in a sea of slow-moving folks, as usually happens at Bumbershoot. Looking forward to next year, where hopefully we can coerce the girls in to staying up late enough to see a headliner!

Note: all photos taken with my Sidekick

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