Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ah, the weekend

I always, always look forward to the weekend. Getting to spend more time with Matt is the absolute number one thing I look forward to. I miss him alot during the week, actually, so the weekend is seemingly a great time to catch up with him. Except you know what? I usually don't get to spend much more time with him on the weekend than I do during the week.

Yesterday I made a trip to Target (my last, EVER, trip to Target-- long story. Hate them.). Then when I got home, Matt ran took Eloise swimming. Then it was lunch and nap. Then his hair cut. Then friends here for pizza night. And friends here. And friends here. Until bed time. Since we don't share a bed, it's apart all night too. Boo.

This morning when we got up it was time for me to get MY hair cut. Before I left I made a deal with Iris that if she was gentle with her sister until I got home from my hair cut we could go to the pumpkin patch. Well, not three minutes later Iris kicked her and lost her privilege of going. Tears ensued, but you know what? We stuck to or guns. But you know what that meant? I had to with Eloise alone. I got lost going there and it took over an hour. Then we mingled amongst the throngs of camera-wielding parents at the pumpkin patch, came home pumpkin-less (you know you're in a Seattle-area pumpkin patch when the pumpkins are selling for up to $14 a piece!). We did get a chance to relax a bit after that. As a family. We took a long walk and played at the playground and ate some of Matt's delicious home made chicken soup for dinner (best hubby ever, right?).

Of course, Sunday night is here once again before I ever had a chance to really relax in to the weekend. We are looking forward to Matt's birthday this week. We are going to drive over to his work and pick him up and go out to dinner at one of his favorite Japanese places. Should be lots of fun! Next weekend is some trick-or-treating up the street. Of course, we'll trick-or-treat on Halloween, too. Hey, we're greedy! Should be really fun, though.

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