Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Constant re-arranging

I am forever trying to strike the perfect balance between giving the girls the play space they need and still leaving a pleasant looking and relatively spacious living space for everything else. Today when I was the working parent at Iris's school I was eyeing up the floor to ceiling bookcases filled with pretty jars, boxes and baskets full of art supplies, puzzles, mirrors, baubles, you name it. I love looking at this bookcase and can only imagine the wonder it holds from a child's point of view.

The creaky gears in my head started spinning about how to re-create it in our home. At first I thought "oh, I'll have to go to IKEA to get a new bookcase!" and then "I'll need baskets and jars and and and and" and, well, you get the idea. I was about $400 in debt on this project within moments of conceiving it.

When we got home from school I scoped out the girl's play space I realized I could put the top two shelves on the shelving unit that I'd only set up the bottom two on. Then I could dig out of the Goodwill box the mis-matched drinking glasses I was going to give away eons ago (yay for procrastination!). I filled the glasses with colored pencils and markers by color family. I dragged out two unused milk crates and filled one of them with all of the painting supplies (the other is currently empty, in wait for new art supplies). I dragged out all of Iris's rolls of tape and but them in a box together, I filled a small vase with Iris's various beads and gem stones. It is all coming together so nicely! AND-- NO money spent. I am so proud of myself! I really hope it's going to encourage the girls to do more art projects because they won't have to dig through bins to find all of their art stuff. It also gave us a ton of space for filling with new project supplies, which I have been wanting to get, but was never sure where I would put. Of course, I keep wondering if we can pull off giving them art supplies from Santa? Hmmm . . . .

On that note, I asked Iris what she wanted for Christmas. She said "whatever Santa brings me" so I said "well, if you could ask Santa to bring you something, what would it be?" and she said "whatever he wanted!" Art supplies it is!

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