Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mommy blogger

The Seattle Times wrote a piece on mommy bloggers.

Well, I survived another short stint of solo parenting! I am getting better and better at it, at least psychologically. It still leaves me really drained, but I'll take that over extreme anxiety any day.

Tonight we had some good friends over for pizza and apple/blueberry crisp, all home made by yours truly. We're trying to get friends to come over every Saturday to share pizza night with us, so far we've had two, we're off to a good start! It often feels like we're so secluded from friends and like it's so hard to make time to see people, so this is a perfect solution for us, I think.

Yesterday I was the working parent at Eloise's preschool. She only goes three hours a week, but it's alot of fun and the one sort of social outlet that she has during the week. We've had some struggles with her being really rough with the other children in the school-- pulling hair, pushing, hitting, scratching, you name it. Everything except biting, which is good! But yesterday? Yesterday she was a dream! Only one episode where she tried to hit another child and I saw it coming because the other child took a toy from her, so I stopped the hitting mid-swing. The kids played with a mixture of cornstarch and colored water for their art time and although it was a monster of a mess to clean up, holy cow did they have so much fun. All of their eyes were getting SO big!

On Thursday I leave for a solo trip to WI! I am so darn excited I can hardly stand it. I told my sister that she needs to teach me how to bake bread while I am there, as it was my New Year's resolution this year and I still haven't learned. Although I did learn to make pizza dough, so that's something, right?

Off to rest my aching full belly. On our new couch. Oh, our new couch. I want to run off to Mexico with it and live forever on it's velvety cushions. It's a fantastic couch.

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