Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another fantastic no-nap day!

I know many of you mama's out there are probably wondering what particular brand of crack I'm smoking, but really, I'm truly excited that Eloise is starting to drop her nap. It has made our afternoons MUCH more fun! Usually when Eloise naps I am crazy overcome with exhaustion and end up somewhat passed out on the couch while Iris watches tv. With Eloise not napping we actually do stuff in the afternoon and although I still get a little tired, it's not the all-consuming tired I used to feel.

Today, for instance, while Eloise wasn't napping I organized/cleaned a bunch of stuff in the kitchen and the girl's played restaurant (Iris made finger sandwiches!). Then they wanted to paint so we got all set up for that, made a huge mess, then I threw the girls in the tub while I cleaned up. Now it's now, I've decided to sit on the couch for a bit and check out the happenings online. The girls have watched a bit of a video but mostly snacked and putzed around. Now they've both gone to the table and are coloring while the video still plays. Why? Why can't I turn the damn thing off? It's an illness. A tv illness. But, I digress.

Although I have always known I am good at not being a pack-rat, I still lack skill in organizing what we have. Being in a small apartment (well, small for a family of four!) has helped us pare down, but it also still means a constant lack of space. We have plenty of stuff without actual homes. Stuff that just sort of floats around. Stuff that lives in weird places like on top of the fridge. I wish I could figure out a better organization system. One thing I really need is a desk where I can organize all of my papers, like bills and such. Right now my system is to stack everything by the computer and then randomly go through them every once in a while and deal with them. It's seriously a wonder I never pay a bill late!

It's hard to know exactly what to do for organization right now, as (fingers crossed!) we'll be moving before too long. I don't want to invest in anything for our current home that won't be needed and/or work in our new home. So I'll just be shuffling everything around until then! Maybe relocating and packing/unpacking will help everything to find it's specific place. Here's to hoping!

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