Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hope wins.

Not only was I glad to be an American last night, but I was also glad to live in the Northwest-- Obama's win was announced at about 8:00 PST so we had plenty of time to watch the speeches and soak up the enormity of the day and still get to bed at a decent hour :)

I was really loving the spontaneous celebrations that were popping up all over Seattle last night. Electricity was in the air. Joy, no-- exuberance!, abounded as people cheered, sang, played instruments, waved flags, hugged and cried. It was so moving to watch the footage online this morning. That many people that excited about the future, it's beyond words. I can only imagine the world looking to us with pride that we finally did the right thing.

The propositions on my ballot were fairly benign, but I was pleased never-the-less that the issues I cared about were supported. My eyes were on California and Prop 8 last night, hoping beyond hope that this disgusting hate measure would NOT be passed. I am terrified that it did, but you know, I do believe our country is making progress. We are going in the right direction slowly but surely. It WILL happen. Equality will happen. Not today, but it will. Hopefully in my lifetime, but I feel strongly that it will in my daughter's lifetime. To think that people used family values as a reason to support Prop 8 makes me beyond irate. Certainly not MY family's values. My family supports love and equality, PERIOD. Ugh. Yes, disgusted beyond words, but the change will come, some day. Some day.

But for now, I won't focus on that. I can't. Instead, I choose elation. I choose to soak in this historical moment and feel beyond proud that this is something I got to see. That my children will know as the NORM. In the first election in Eloise's, and the second in Iris's, lifetime a black man was elected President. I can't even believe that they have the honor of knowing nothing different. Mind boggling.

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