Thursday, November 13, 2008

Moving along!

We got some great news this morning about the state of our process towards becoming home owners! We are so close. SO close! It's really very exciting. It turns out it was a blessing in disguise that we had to go through this process for a few months because while we waited, and waited, and waited, the home prices just continued to fall, and fall, and fall. We're barely within the range to be able to buy a home in a neighborhood we really want to live in, as well, which is pretty thrilling! Honestly, although it has been annoying repairing credit and all of that, our timing is ending up being impeccable. Home prices in Seattle were rising a bit and now they are just falling so much. I don't think there has been a better time for us to buy between the amount of income we have to put towards a mortgage and the current home prices.

I've also come to two realizations about kindergarten. One is that I won't do a co-op with Iris. I just can't. I am already doing one with Eloise and there is no way I can do two at the same time. So, that eliminates that. The other is that we're not going to look in to private schools right now. Even with substantial financial aid we couldn't really afford private school, especially with two children! So those are currently off the list. If we end up not finding a public school we like, then we will look in to private, but there are several public schools I am very interested in. I think we'll find something we really like.

It's all coming together!


  1. That's exciting about the house search!!!

    I did a co-op preschool with Beth and Ray for a while, and while it was nice, it was still a pain in the butt! I don't blame you for looking for something else.


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