Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh Kindergarten.

Tonight at our parent meeting at the girl's school we talked about kindergarten. All of the children in Iris's class are turning five and moving on to kindergarten next year and we had some alumni come in and talk about their children's transition past preschool.

I swear this process will be the death of me. One on hand I am like "Woo hoo! All day free Kindergarten! Sign me up, get her out of the house!" and then on the other hand I am more like "OMG, my sweet, emotionally under-developed little bunny. The world is full of wolves and she can never leave my side!" So where's the middle ground? I have no idea.

I worry soooo much about Iris. She has a June birthday, first of all, which makes her the youngest in her preschool class, and likely one of the very youngest in any future classes. I haven't really thought too much about holding her back a year to start school, but honestly, when I see her with other children who are already turning five, she seems worlds different to me. She clearly is not as mature and struggles in things like conflict resolution. She's even starting to have problems at school with hitting kids and screaming "I hate you! You're stupid!" at kids who aren't doing what she wants them to. I worry that she won't have moved THAT far past this stage come next September. I worry about her being a "troublemaker" in class and having a teacher who is juggling 20 other children and not having the time to work with her on helping her to learn these skills. I worry about her getting in trouble more, about her behavior actually getting worse because she doesn't have the guidance she needs when navigating the world of kindergarten.

Of course, so much can change between now and then, but how can I hinge her school on what might be? On my hopes for how much she will grow? Is that what people do?

Anyways, my head is spinning. I just don't know.


  1. I too am excited about the big K but nervous. James likes to be with us so much...how will he adjust to being gone alllll day?? My little buddy.

    (I, on the other hand, will probably adjust JUST FINE when I don't have to hear him & Ruby bellowing at each other all day. :)

    It's a tough call with Iris. You could always decide, even at the last minute, to wait another year, right? James will be almost 6 when he starts and I'm glad for that. sniffle.

  2. I have a good teacher friend who had to make the decision whether to keep her daughter back a year or not, as she was right on the cusp of the cut off date. She did not and now, 17 years later, she is still regretting it. Just food for thought, really.


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