Saturday, November 22, 2008

The school meeting

So I mentioned in my last post, there was a meeting at Iris's school on Thursday afternoon to talk about the issues she and two other little girls were having with each other. To recap, as I understand it, the situation was that the other two girls mostly preferred to play together and exclude Iris and in turn Iris got pissed, hurled insults and fists at the other girls.

I didn't know what to expect. I ended up being late getting to Iris's school that day (stuck at a damn train in SODO). When I got there the three little girls and their teacher were in the bathroom talking. Yes, the bathroom. The school is minuscule and only one room, so with the working parent trying to clean up, it was really the only place to go while it was raining outside. I get there and the other moms are standing around, so I stand around, too. After a while they come out of the bathroom and the teacher shares with the moms the agreements that the girls have come up with for playing together. Both things they CAN do (ie hug, kiss, offer friends to play) and things they CAN'T do (ie tell secrets, call names, say other kids can't play with them). The girls all seem amenable to the agreements, we stand around a bit outside and we all say yeah, sounds good, blah blah.

Afterwards I felt let-down. I didn't feel like the issue of Iris's very hurt feelings was addressed, nor was the cause for the other girl's excluding her. We have a parent-teacher conference on Tuesday so I will ask the teacher about it then.


  1. Oh dear, that is disappointing. I'm glad you get to talk to the teacher on Tuesday. I hope you get positive resolution.

  2. This post and the last post just broke my heart! It is so difficult when your child is excluded. We live in a duplex now and the family upstairs has kids the same age as ours. Nico plays with the older boy a lot, but whenever he has a certain friend over, they completely exclude her and even try to play mean little tricks on her. When she gets upset and talks to me about it, I have to stop myself from crying too. I never realized how much someone else's pain could completely become my own, until I had kids. And this is just the beginning, ugh.


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