Monday, November 17, 2008

Today I . . .

Did a monster-load of dishes. Twice.

Exercised the dog. Twice.

Drank a quart of (lite!) egg nog.

Requested four days a week for Eloise to be in preschool next year.

Found myself giddy and a little freaked out at the idea of both of my children being in school at the same time four mornings a week next year.

Researched homes for sale in Columbia City.

Subsequently drooled over some of the ones in our price range. Yay!

Smashed myself in the face with the car door and broke off a piece of my glasses.

Didn't threaten either of my daughters even ONCE. I'm working on this, falling short more days than others, but I'm working.

Found myself amazed that we are finally, finally getting ahead in our lives in every possible way even while the economy is crumbling around us.

Was longing for something, anything, that I can do with myself that is creative and uses my brain.

Smiled at the thought of my nephews on Christmas Day opening the hippity hops that we sent them!

Smiled at the thought of my daughters opening theirs, too.

Wondered if I should send hippity hops to my nieces, as well.

Contacted an Etsy seller about getting a set of tutus and fairy wings made for my daughters for Christmas.

Watched WAY too much HGTV.

Showered alone.

Laughed with my daughters more than I yelled.

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