Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Too much for one day

I made my first ever rolls. They are soooo good. The recipe was from a cookbook my seester had. She was sweet enough to scan it in to her computer and send it to me.

Click on the recipe to see it larger.

Obviously I made rolls from the recipe instead of bread. I also used whole milk instead of soy milk and corn starch instead of potato starch and from what I can tell, had successful results!

I made my first ever cheesecake! It appears the results were successful, but my ass will be on the line tomorrow afternoon when it's time for dessert at our friends house!

I took that picture before I added the top layer of caramel to the cheesecake. Oh, pure heaven. It better have set properly or I just might die of sadness.

Today our dog, Heidi, celebrated her first birthday! I fully intended to really celebrate, but we had soooo much going on today. And you know, she's a dog, so she won't know if her presents and treats come a bit late this year.

Photo taken by Iris.

We adore Heidi. She is sweet and sassy and adorable and playful and all of the wonderful things a dog should be. We're looking forward to many, many more years with her!

It is also my brother-in-laws 40th! He got his present from us in the mail already so don't think he's playing second fiddle in our hearts on this extra-special birthday day! Happy Birthday Jon!

Our good friend Kyla spent the day with us, which was a blast. She spent a good chunk of her time here playing with the girls, which the girls loved and if I can believe what she said, Kyla loved, too. She is so awesome with kids and it gave me HUGE chunks of time to work on very labor-intensive baking in the kitchen. We went to lunch, took a walk and watched My Neighbor Totoro with her, too, so I didn't completely abandon her the whole time she was here! Her boyfriend came over after he got done with work and I made everyone some of my yummy pizzas (yep, more time with the stove!). After finally winding the girls down and getting them to bed we played a fun game Kyla brought called Killer Bunnies which was sooooo fun.

It is a little involved and has lots of cards, but it's pretty easy to learn and is unlike anything I've ever played before. We laughed alot!

Whew. It's after midnight and I need to get to bed. Tomorrow I make the hummus and the ginger-cranberry relish. Everything else I am doing gets done at our friend's house. We're spending the day with good friends. There will be six adults and six kids and lots of chaos and fun. And food. OH the food! YUM. I really should have been fasting all day today in preparation!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends!


  1. Ugh seriously! Too much time in the kitchen and with the oven.

    We have KBs too and all of the expansion packs. It's fun!

  2. The rolls look fabulous! Yum. I told my SIL that you blogged about your dog's birthday, and she told me that you needed to read Marley and Me!

  3. Well done, the rolls look fabulous and the cheesecake is perfect.


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