Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas wrap up

It would seem that this Christmas was mostly overshadowed by snow and sickness! However, we did have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas day, regardless of anything else going on.

Matt and I were surprised we didn't have to stay up too late on Christmas Eve getting everything set up, despite not having done any wrapping yet. I thought it all looked so lovely when it was all set up under the tree.

The girls woke up at their regular time on Christmas and were very excited! I think Eloise sort of had an idea of what was going on, but she really fed off of her sister's excitement, as well. The girls came out and Iris immediately saw the hippity hops that Matt blew up for the girls and of course the purple pegasus that she had asked Santa for. I was really happy to be able to get the thing she wanted but am worried about the future when she starts asking for things that are totally unattainable!

We did really, really good with the girls this year. We stuck VERY close to our budget and didn't completely overwhelm them with toys. They had gifts from other family members to open on Christmas morning, as well, so that was really nice.

My brother's family sent Iris the Tinkerbell movie. We've already watched it about a bajillion times.

They sent Eloise Wall-E. It's so sweet and Eloise loves it, but unfortunately Iris is a bit more vocal about wanting to watch HER movies, so we've only seen Wall-E three times this weekend.

My mom and dad sent money for the girls and my mom had wanted to get them scooters, so I used the money to get them each one and we wrapped them and put them under the tree. Honestly I thought Eloise would be the one who was really in to it, but it turns out Iris is our fearless and adept scootin' kid! I now can't figure out why the platform of the scooter isn't big enough for a four year old child to fit both of her feet on it? Anyone know?

Iris on her new hippity hop.

Eloise opening her stocking.

Iris opening her stocking. Note: jammies from Gymboree!

Both of the girls got wooden clips and play silks from my sister's family.

The best shot I got of Iris in her fairy get-up. I ordered two sets of handmade tutus, wings and head bands from an Etsy seller.

Matt mostly wanted money to go to SXSW in 2010 so he got a couple of little gifts from me, a wallet and shaving stuff. Practical, no? I got some yummy chocolates and Wii accessories and any other money that would have been spent on me went to my new camera.
After presents I made eggnog french toast with fruit topping and chicken sausages. We shovelled in our breakfast as fast as we could so that we could get on our Wii and play Mario Kart with my brother's family who just got their Wii for Christmas. It is so amazing that you can set it up to play with people over the internet! We'll wait for them to get a little more practice in so we don't cream them so bad next time. Ha ha.
After Wii Matt's sister and her fiance came over to spend the rest of the day with us. We mostly relaxed, ate, played Wii, made bakestones which comes from tradition in Matt and his sister's family. We also briefly chatted via webcam with my in-laws, as well! It was so cool. I really want to get a webcam for our computer. For lunch Matt had made pulled pork which we ate on the rolls I made the day before. Sadly the rolls didn't turn out as good as they did when I made them for Thanksgiving because I forgot the oil in the recipe. Oops. For dinner I made four pizzas but none of us were very big eaters and between the six of us we only ate two of them. Made for some delicious left-overs!
That night Eloise came down with a fever and ever since she and I have been battling various intensities of illness. But that's not too fun to write about, so I'll end this long blog post here.
I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. hope you guys are feeling better! Christnas looked like a fantastic time!


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