Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Some new favorite blogs

Ever since I started "tweeting" over there at twitter I have met all sorts of new bloggers. I have enjoyed getting to know many of them over the past few weeks but a blog I just started reading has really caught my eye. It's called eensies and it's written by elementary school teachers. It has some really fun ideas for learning outside of the classroom! Okay, I know some of the home schoolers who are reading my blog right now are rolling their eyes so far in to the backs of their heads . . . but not all of us are as educationally enlightened as others ;)

The other blog I was re-introduced to when I met, again, the author of it. It's called fresh vintage and it's written by the wife of a long-time friend of my hubby (and now she's my friend, too!). She is super funny, in person and in blog, takes great photos and has some really cool vintage finds on her blog! Now if only I could get her to come help me decorate . . .

I am sure I will come back with more, but that's all I wanted to write about today. Now I need to focus my attention on Matt's Wii Fit exercise! We got our Wii Fit over the weekend (an early Christmas present, thanks in-laws!) and I am determined to have a success story like Julie from Cool Mom Guide. Go read her post about losing 60 pounds with the Wii Fit and tell me that it doesn't inspire YOU to start your work-out!


  1. We just got a Wii Fit and I have never been more inspired to work out before in my life. My husband keeps working out because he wants to unlock new things! Isn't it the most fun exercising that you've ever had?

  2. I'm impressed you got one. My SIL has been trying to get one for a month, but can't find one. She even looked when she was here in Denver visiting us.

  3. We actually didn't have to try at all! I saw the flyer in the Sunday paper that they weer $89 at Toys R Us, called to see if they had them in stock and then we went over and got one! I was thinking that the frenzy that was being projected about their availability was a myth, but I guess not!


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