Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Watch what you wish for!

Iris and Matt's snowman

Looking north

Popular transportation on our roads!

So here is when I get to kick myself. This snow! This stupid, stupid snow! Actually, I'm not so annoyed at the snow as I am at the fact that nothing is clear enough to safely drive anywhere. Our car hasn't left our parking space since Saturday afternoon and lord knows when it will be used again. Matt hasn't been in to work since last Thursday because of the snow. Today he and Iris stood at the bus stop for over an hour waiting for a bus that, according to King County metro's site, was supposed to come, but never did. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so awful! The city are complete idiots about clearing the snow. It's totally ridiculous. I am beyond happy to have my husband home, but not as happy to be literally stuck here. Only getting out as far as we can get on foot. Yesterday the four of us walked the approximately 12 blocks to the nearest grocery store. Of course, it was far enough that Iris had to ride in the stroller, which had to be pushed down the middle of the street because hardly anyone shovels sidewalks here. Today Matt got a ride from a friend with four-wheel drive to Fred Meyer and hiked home with like a million pounds of stuff on his back, stuff we need for the next few days, especially Christmas.

So I'm moping. I want the snow to go away. We've had fun in it, but it can go away now, thanks.

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