Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What a weird week so far!

Seattle has been under a snow threat-down since Sunday and I swear my nerves are shot! Here's the low-down: Sunday we had maybe an inch of snow in our neighborhood. We got outside, frolicked, blah blah blah. On Monday apparently the roads were icey enough to make school two hours late. It was annoying. On Tuesday, the same thing. Matt was the working parent at Iris's school that day, so that was also annoying to have him take the day off of work to be with Iris and then only have school for two hours. And today? Today we sat around the whole stinkin' day WAITING FOR SNOW! The Seattle school district closed schools for the day because of the threat of snow. I had never heard of such a thing! Clearly I'm not in WI anymore. It never snowed. I can't believe it!

Last night our car's ignition was being all crazy so we couldn't drive our car. Iris and I were bummed because we had planned to buy the rest of our Toys for Tots toys, but that had to wait until tonight. It turned out a little underwhelming for Iris and I buying these toys. I thought she would have fun picking out stuff, but mostly I found myself obsessively reading prices so we could get the best value on toys while Iris just looked at all of the toys she wanted to bring home. We got lots of nice things, though, and I think as the girls grow it will be easier for them to be included.


  1. staying home because of the threat of snow just kills me!! you must have been rolling your eyes all day. :)

  2. That's so awesome you're doing Toys for Tots with the girls! You have no idea what a huge gift that is to them. My mom included me on her volunteer/charity stuff when I was little and it was something I learned a lot from.


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