Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What a day!

Today started out well. Early, but well. Iris was up at 6:40 which is very, very early for us. It was fine, though, everyone was in a good mood and we got a little jump start on our day.

Iris was dropped off at school and I brought Eloise to the babysitter so I could have some alone time. I went to Costco, cause WOO HOO!, shopping is FUN! After that I headed home to unload the car and get the dog so we could head to the dog park. While at the dog park I get a call from Iris's teacher saying Iris had fallen while on a walk and was hurt and bleeding and asking for me. I packed up the dog and zipped down to school to find her curled up on the pillows with her teacher. She was crying and holding an ice pack to her mouth. I sat down with her and snuggled her for a good while before getting packed up to go. She cried and cried. She caught her fall with her face, which was unfortunate, but luckily she didn't need stitches or break her nose or anything. After she got in a nap in the car she laid down in the big chair at home. I snuck up on her and got a picture of the damage:

My baby

I think it looks worse in person, but that's how it usually is with pictures.

She ended up being just fine as the day wore on, but I was really worried about her.

Later in the day the girl's Auntie came over to have dinner with us. I had promised the girl's nachos so that's what we had. Right before dinner I heard a loud "thunk!" and then some wailing and ran out of the kitchen to find Eloise laying on the floor next to the chair. She had fallen off of the chair and developed a lovely goose egg on the back of her head. Like her sister, she recovered just fine. I, however, need a seriously stiff drink, which I do not have.

We got Auntie back home and Eloise fell asleep during the car ride. For maybe the first time ever in her life I picked her up out of the car, laid her down in the bed, covered her up with the blankets and snuck out of the room. She's still asleep an hour later. I can't believe it.

Let's hope that we stay injury-free from here on out!

New post

There is a new post up on Iris's art blog HERE.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Resolution progress

I've been slowly making progress on my New Year's Resolution of becoming healthier. Here's what I've been up to:

  • I've been able to integrate almost daily exercise in my routine, mostly thanks to meeting the energy needs of two kids and a dog and our trusty Wii Fit!
  • I've completely eliminated diet soda. Wait, except for a tiny bit once at the food court during a brain fart. We just don't have it in the house, which is really my only major issue.
  • I've continued to be conscientious of my HFCS intake, save for four Dr. Pepper's that friends left here after a recent pizza night. Damn them, and damn my total inability to avoid sweets that are in my home!
  • I've taken my supplements every day, which is no small feat considering the arsenal I stock my body with every day. My number one supplement is my iron, and I take it twice a day about 90% of the time (and once a day 100% of the time), which is a vast improvement!
  • I've been doing absolutely terrible about drinking more water. It's always in the back of my head, but I just don't. I don't know why.
  • I've pretty much avoided sweets, save for polishing off the dots and conversation hearts Eloise didn't eat last weekend.
  • I've been going to bed pretty much by 10:30 most nights!

So, making some progress. It's not an over-night thing, and if it was, I suspect I would have fallen off the health wagon right away. I've noticed so far I have had many less headaches and have had a tiny bit more energy during the day. Not much, but I'm doing a little better.

I still have alot to do, but I'm a work in progress!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The great imagination

Iris has an amazing imagination. I feel so protective of it and that it's my job to foster it and help her expand and nurture her creativity, so yesterday when she came up with the idea of a "Girl Scout Sale" I had to jump on board, however tentatively!

Her idea began in the morning while Eloise was at school. She and I decided to go for coffee (which ended up being hot apple cider for both of us) and then she wanted to head home to hang out. While at home she started thinking up the idea of becoming a Girl Scout and, in her mind, that meant having a sale. She decided that Girl Scouts needed a uniform, so she got out everything she owned that was magenta colored and put it on.

Then we needed to pick Eloise up from school and get her home for her nap. While she was napping the rest of Iris's plan came in to place. She decorated a big box that could be her stand. She asked if we could go to the toy store to buy stuffed animals for her to sell at the sell. I let her know that stuffed animals at the store cost alot of money and that maybe she could pick out some of her own toys to sell. Thinking this might deter her, I sat back and watched, and of course it didn't. She carefully picked out the stuffed animals she doesn't play with very much and put them in a bucket. As I asked her more about it, I discovered that she wanted to set her stand outside and sell her toys to anyone who passes by. Hmmm. I let her know that most people who have sales will put up advertising. "What is advertising?" She asked. I told her advertising was when people put up signs letting other people know there is going to be a sale. She quickly set to work asking me to write out her chosen words on a piece of paper to be her advertising.

Once Eloise woke up it was time to put the stand outside. I followed her lead and she packed up her things and told me what to carry downstairs. She picked a spot on the sidewalk near a telephone pole and instructed me to put the box down. She set to work taping up her advertisement and setting out the stuffed animals. We went back up stairs and got a chair for both her and Eloise to sit on. And then we stood around. Iris waved at a few cars that went by, but no one walked past. Of course, I worried, what if someone did walk by and totally ignored her? As it was pretty chilly out, I offered to buy some of Iris's stuffed animals so we could speed the process up. I talked her in to selling me three for two quarters, two nickels and a dollar bill each.

Then our neighbors pulled up in their car. We waved at each other and they came across the street to see what was going on. Iris immediately got very shy, but I spoke up for her and explained what the sale was about. They asked if they could buy something for their baby! We sold them a small bear for two dimes. Iris was thrilled. After that it was time to pack up as it was very cold and at that point Iris and Eloise had taken off their coats and Eloise had no shoes on. My crazy kids.

When we got upstairs Iris was grinning ear to ear counting out her pieces of money (she can't count values, only that she had "eleven monies"). She kept asking if I was proud of her for how much money she spent. I corrected her, letting her know she made money, not spent it.

Without further ado, here's some photos I had to snap of the sale.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I worry.

I worry about Iris. I actually worry about her quite a bit, but tonight, I really caught myself realizing it. Although she seems to act like she is all grown up and independent, she really isn't. And I forget that. I forget that at the times when I expect more from her than she can deliver. Because she's four. And a half. She's so little. She absolutely puts forth bravado of being much more mature, but you know, being four, it's pretty easy to see through the paper thin facade that she is trying on for size.

I worry about how much she worries. For a little girl of only four (and a half) she talks about death an awful lot. And about being sick. And scared. And what will happen if Matt or I die, or god forbid, both of us should die. Talking about death and illness has become regular, daily conversation in our home. It's hard because those are two things that I don't really want to come to terms with, but there it is, staring me in the face every day, in the form on a tiny child sharing her thoughts and fears and questions. I have very few answers. I make most of it up on the spot.

Iris is extremely sensitive. She gets her feelings hurt incredibly easy and lashes out at anyone, or anything, that hurts her physically or emotionally, intended or not. We are told that she hates us or that we are idiots more often than I care to count at this point, often over minor infractions. It's because she truly feels wronged. Like we didn't bring her the snack, or whatever, because we were really trying to hurt herand so she needs to get back at us.

She is desperate for friends, but has a harder time engaging with other kids due to her desire to really control the play and also, what I just mentioned, how easily she gets hurt by people. She's not a girl whom let's things roll off of her back.

Iris also feels her emotions physically. Ever day her tummy hurts. I can relate to this because as a child I had the same thing (and still do as an adult). Every day we have to talk her down from her fear that she has fallen ill, when all it is, in my opinion, is her nerves.

So because of all of this, and much more, I struggle with what is the right way to parent Iris. And the right way to plan for her future. I will probably elaborate more on this another time, just wanting to brain dump for a moment on what was swirling through my head tonight.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh hai there blog!

Oops! Sorry to everyone looking for a new blog post! I have noticed my number of hits really dropped in the last week, likely because there was nothing to see here!

We've been good. Busy, a little stressed, but overall good. January is always the worst month for Matt in terms of being busy at work, so we're all feeling the effects of that. The one thing that is good, though, is that during the times that Matt is at home, I have learned to really cherish having him here. Having his company, his help, his support, his massages, well, you can see how important that all is to me!

This week I've been getting a little frustrated with our home buying process. Up to this point we have been doing nothing but getting our financial ducks in a row, so to speak. Once this is all done we'll have our loan and will start seeing some houses. It feels like this part has been such a rollercoaster. I know that I feel like we're always thisclose to getting our loan only to find out, oh, we need to do this one more thing. I've started thinking about just moving in to a rental house for a while so we don't have to remain stuck in our apartment while we go through this. For a while I thought that being here was the best thing, because our rent is so cheap, but if we have to be here for one more summer, well, it won't be pretty. So we'll be in a house by summer, either one we own or one we rent.

The kindergarten tours are going to be starting soon. It's overwhelming to me simply because I have to find childcare while I go on all of these stupid tours. Grrrr. I do have a really good idea of the schools I want to get Iris in to, though, since thankfully we have talked to parents who have children at those schools. I am absolutely set on getting Iris in to a program that will allow her creativity to continue to grow and there are two schools close to where we currently live that have a strong arts program.

Okay, time to wrap this post up so I can get Iris's lunch packed for tomorrow!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years! We spent last night at a friend's house and had soooo much fun. There were eight adults, eight children and one in utero. We ate food, laughed, played Guitar Hero, played 4-5-6 (where Matt won big!) and watched the kids being crazy spastics. It was a blast. We met some new friends, too, who were really nice. We stayed until just about 10:00, I think. The girls were in bed around 11:00. They had a blast, too. When Eloise woke up she asked if we could go back to the party!

I already blogged a bit about New Year's resolutions here, but that was mostly about my resolutions from last year so I thought I could touch on it again. Pretty fitting today, no? It has been really fun to read the resolutions of friends in the blogging/twittering world I couldn't help but add my own to the mix!

I mentioned in my last resolutions post that I would like to learn to knit. I still think that could be a go, but we have alot on our plate this year that I would like to focus on more. 2009, like 2008, is going to be a big year for us. I am very confident we're going to become first time home owners this year, which is no small undertaking. We've already been working really hard on this goal for the past six months and we haven't even begun the process of looking at houses!

So, there's the house. That is likely our biggest family goal in 2009. Buy a house.

My biggest personal goal is to improve the state of my health. I don't mean lose weight, though that would be nice. I mean improving my immune system, increasing my energy level and just all in all focus on making sure my body is running optimally. I'm going to work with my doctor on this, but already I have some grand ideas of things I need to start doing. One is to stop drinking diet soda. I am addicted to the stuff and it's so amazingly bad for me. So I just need to stop. I am also going to start being highly conscientious of my sugar intake. For now I'm going to focus on things like sweets and limiting processed sugar, as those are my biggest downfall. I fully admit I have a sugar addiction and I am sure it is killing my immune system. I am also going to focus more on taking my supplements to give myself a little boost in the right direction. I will be happy to continue to exercise as much as I do, in general. I think changing my diet a bit and keeping my exercise where it's at will likely lead to some weight loss, but we'll see.

I have often lamented how much I wish I could find my passion in something again, but you know, for now, I just want to come out from the fog and sickness and stay there for a while. As much as I want to become creative again, to find that thing that makes me feel like a worthwhile person outside of mothering, I just can't get there until I focus on my personal health. Maybe finding that passion will be a good goal for 2010?