Saturday, January 17, 2009

The great imagination

Iris has an amazing imagination. I feel so protective of it and that it's my job to foster it and help her expand and nurture her creativity, so yesterday when she came up with the idea of a "Girl Scout Sale" I had to jump on board, however tentatively!

Her idea began in the morning while Eloise was at school. She and I decided to go for coffee (which ended up being hot apple cider for both of us) and then she wanted to head home to hang out. While at home she started thinking up the idea of becoming a Girl Scout and, in her mind, that meant having a sale. She decided that Girl Scouts needed a uniform, so she got out everything she owned that was magenta colored and put it on.

Then we needed to pick Eloise up from school and get her home for her nap. While she was napping the rest of Iris's plan came in to place. She decorated a big box that could be her stand. She asked if we could go to the toy store to buy stuffed animals for her to sell at the sell. I let her know that stuffed animals at the store cost alot of money and that maybe she could pick out some of her own toys to sell. Thinking this might deter her, I sat back and watched, and of course it didn't. She carefully picked out the stuffed animals she doesn't play with very much and put them in a bucket. As I asked her more about it, I discovered that she wanted to set her stand outside and sell her toys to anyone who passes by. Hmmm. I let her know that most people who have sales will put up advertising. "What is advertising?" She asked. I told her advertising was when people put up signs letting other people know there is going to be a sale. She quickly set to work asking me to write out her chosen words on a piece of paper to be her advertising.

Once Eloise woke up it was time to put the stand outside. I followed her lead and she packed up her things and told me what to carry downstairs. She picked a spot on the sidewalk near a telephone pole and instructed me to put the box down. She set to work taping up her advertisement and setting out the stuffed animals. We went back up stairs and got a chair for both her and Eloise to sit on. And then we stood around. Iris waved at a few cars that went by, but no one walked past. Of course, I worried, what if someone did walk by and totally ignored her? As it was pretty chilly out, I offered to buy some of Iris's stuffed animals so we could speed the process up. I talked her in to selling me three for two quarters, two nickels and a dollar bill each.

Then our neighbors pulled up in their car. We waved at each other and they came across the street to see what was going on. Iris immediately got very shy, but I spoke up for her and explained what the sale was about. They asked if they could buy something for their baby! We sold them a small bear for two dimes. Iris was thrilled. After that it was time to pack up as it was very cold and at that point Iris and Eloise had taken off their coats and Eloise had no shoes on. My crazy kids.

When we got upstairs Iris was grinning ear to ear counting out her pieces of money (she can't count values, only that she had "eleven monies"). She kept asking if I was proud of her for how much money she spent. I corrected her, letting her know she made money, not spent it.

Without further ado, here's some photos I had to snap of the sale.


  1. That must be one of the most charming and adorable stories I have heard in ages!

  2. Adorable. The text message you sent me was one of my faves in awhile. "Iris and I are sitting outside selling her stuffed animals at a girl scout stand. Needless to say, sales have been slow." That's so cute the neighbors stopped.

  3. OMG that is so cute and very creative! Is it horrible that when I read "Girl Scout Sale" that my immediate thought was of the Addams Family and Wednesday and Pugsley's lemonade sale when the Girl Scout says, "Is it made with real lemons? I'll buy some of your lemonade if you buy some of my Girl Scout cookies." Wednesday says, "Are they made with real Girl Scouts?" Bwahahahaha. Okay, maybe that's twisted! Her sale and pictures are adorable though!


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