Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years! We spent last night at a friend's house and had soooo much fun. There were eight adults, eight children and one in utero. We ate food, laughed, played Guitar Hero, played 4-5-6 (where Matt won big!) and watched the kids being crazy spastics. It was a blast. We met some new friends, too, who were really nice. We stayed until just about 10:00, I think. The girls were in bed around 11:00. They had a blast, too. When Eloise woke up she asked if we could go back to the party!

I already blogged a bit about New Year's resolutions here, but that was mostly about my resolutions from last year so I thought I could touch on it again. Pretty fitting today, no? It has been really fun to read the resolutions of friends in the blogging/twittering world I couldn't help but add my own to the mix!

I mentioned in my last resolutions post that I would like to learn to knit. I still think that could be a go, but we have alot on our plate this year that I would like to focus on more. 2009, like 2008, is going to be a big year for us. I am very confident we're going to become first time home owners this year, which is no small undertaking. We've already been working really hard on this goal for the past six months and we haven't even begun the process of looking at houses!

So, there's the house. That is likely our biggest family goal in 2009. Buy a house.

My biggest personal goal is to improve the state of my health. I don't mean lose weight, though that would be nice. I mean improving my immune system, increasing my energy level and just all in all focus on making sure my body is running optimally. I'm going to work with my doctor on this, but already I have some grand ideas of things I need to start doing. One is to stop drinking diet soda. I am addicted to the stuff and it's so amazingly bad for me. So I just need to stop. I am also going to start being highly conscientious of my sugar intake. For now I'm going to focus on things like sweets and limiting processed sugar, as those are my biggest downfall. I fully admit I have a sugar addiction and I am sure it is killing my immune system. I am also going to focus more on taking my supplements to give myself a little boost in the right direction. I will be happy to continue to exercise as much as I do, in general. I think changing my diet a bit and keeping my exercise where it's at will likely lead to some weight loss, but we'll see.

I have often lamented how much I wish I could find my passion in something again, but you know, for now, I just want to come out from the fog and sickness and stay there for a while. As much as I want to become creative again, to find that thing that makes me feel like a worthwhile person outside of mothering, I just can't get there until I focus on my personal health. Maybe finding that passion will be a good goal for 2010?

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