Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh hai there blog!

Oops! Sorry to everyone looking for a new blog post! I have noticed my number of hits really dropped in the last week, likely because there was nothing to see here!

We've been good. Busy, a little stressed, but overall good. January is always the worst month for Matt in terms of being busy at work, so we're all feeling the effects of that. The one thing that is good, though, is that during the times that Matt is at home, I have learned to really cherish having him here. Having his company, his help, his support, his massages, well, you can see how important that all is to me!

This week I've been getting a little frustrated with our home buying process. Up to this point we have been doing nothing but getting our financial ducks in a row, so to speak. Once this is all done we'll have our loan and will start seeing some houses. It feels like this part has been such a rollercoaster. I know that I feel like we're always thisclose to getting our loan only to find out, oh, we need to do this one more thing. I've started thinking about just moving in to a rental house for a while so we don't have to remain stuck in our apartment while we go through this. For a while I thought that being here was the best thing, because our rent is so cheap, but if we have to be here for one more summer, well, it won't be pretty. So we'll be in a house by summer, either one we own or one we rent.

The kindergarten tours are going to be starting soon. It's overwhelming to me simply because I have to find childcare while I go on all of these stupid tours. Grrrr. I do have a really good idea of the schools I want to get Iris in to, though, since thankfully we have talked to parents who have children at those schools. I am absolutely set on getting Iris in to a program that will allow her creativity to continue to grow and there are two schools close to where we currently live that have a strong arts program.

Okay, time to wrap this post up so I can get Iris's lunch packed for tomorrow!

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