Sunday, February 08, 2009

Another weekend down the drain

Holy crap, I can't believe the weekend flew by so fast. I woke up this morning with the familiar low-level anxiety I live with every single Sunday. It's not that I hate the weekdays, I just really, really love the weekends. They're always so much more relaxing.

We have been kicking around the idea for the last few weeks about renting a house instead of waiting it out in our crappy apartment until we can finally buy one. Yesterday we went to look at a house and oh, wow. It was PERFECT. Just perfect. Perfect house. Perfect location. Perfect everything. We hit it off well with the couple that was renting it out, or at least I thought we did. They had two young children, their son was a week old! We came home, filled out the application and I emailed the guy renting it out to ask when we could bring it by (we didn't have his phone number or I would have called, and also, he told us we could just slip it in the mailbox, but I thought it would be nice to talk to them again). I didn't hear from him by late this morning so I sent Matt over to leave the application in their mailbox. I emailed the guy again just to say Matt dropped it off.

THEN I find out that they pulled their rental ad off of Craigslist. I am just freaking out. I still haven't heard from them. Why not? Why did they pull the ad? I know we were likely the first people to see the house. I'm just so worried we aren't going to get it. I've literally checked my email hundreds of times today to see if I have a email from them.

Besides that, we've been low-key this weekend. Our good friends came over for pizza night last night and that was really fun. They have boys the same age as our girls, which is nice but also a challenge sometimes. You know who was the big pain last night? Eloise! She was scratching the boys. Ugh. Another reason we need to move-- more space for kids to play when they come over. Or at least more room to lock Eloise away from the other kids!

We found out Matt's mom is coming to visit next weekend and she asked us if we'd like her to watch the girls so we could go out on Valentine's Day. Of course we are thrilled! We haven't been out ON Valentine's Day since we had children. Actually, you know, we were only together one Valentine's before Iris was born. So, hmmm, that was our only Valentine's date! Funny. Matt burned me CDs and put heart stickers on them. I got him some things that were very tame from the Erotic Bakery.

Signing off to watch the rest of the Grammy's, pack Iris's lunch and get to BED!

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