Sunday, February 22, 2009

A wonderful week

We had a truly wonderful week last week. It was mid-winter break here for the Seattle Public School system (which the girl's school follows) so we were all left to our own devices last week.

Luckily we had beautiful weather and got outside quite a bit. The girls got along well, I wasn't at all stressed, everything was great. Now that Iris has to go back to school again tomorrow I'm just dreading the busy week ahead of going, going, going. Iris is, too. Well, she hasn't really wanted to go to school for a little while now. I hate sending her to school when I really want her to just be at home with me, especially when she doesn't even want to go! I do know it's the right place for her to be right now, however, as most weeks aren't as fun and effortless as this past one was. Usually we are driving each other crazy in our tiny space and I am just flipping on the tv so I can get chores done, and feeling guilty for every minute of it.

Not too much has changed on the new house front. I think we're much more back in the "buy" category vs. the rent category. We have always thought that if we could find a rental cheap enough in a neighborhood we love, we would rent it, because we can't really afford to buy in the neighborhoods we love. However, nothing is coming up that is right for us. So we're doing some stuff this week to give us the clear picture on what it will take for us to buy like right now. We'll see if we can!

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  1. Hmm yes yes, the school fun. I just never feel content with the idea of sending them off, but it what sometime just has to happen.
    As for the house deal, you may like my post today. It is on a similar matter. From a distance i say what is meant to be will be, nut i completely understand it is hard when your are doing it.


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