Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Late winter doldrums

I hate to say it, but I think I'm officially ready for Winter to be over. Technically, it almost is! However the Seattle skies are hanging on tight to any last sign that it isn't. Last weekend, for instance, we woke up to a morning of giant, heavy snowflakes falling from the sky. The flakes gave way to rain. The rain to sun. The sun back to rain. Rain back to sun. And then the wind. And more sun and rain-- and this was all in one day!

Despite the weather, we have been trying to get outside when we can. Enjoying the sun breaks when they arrive and gearing up for the rain when that's all we have, too. Last weekend the girls stomped through so many puddles that they collected quite a bit of water inside of their boots!

As I sit at my computer desk I can look out the window at the magnolia tree, watching the buds swell and and a few of them are starting to show some pink petals peaking out. What a perfect sign of the impending Spring!This always serves to bring a smile to my face. I'll miss that tree when we move.

The last few weeks have also been a bit trying. Matt has been having a stressful time at work. He reports that he is given more work to do than he can possibly handle and feels stretched thin. Secretly I think "thank god! Having too much work is better than not enough!" but I know how hard it is on him. He's been told there are several work trips he needs to be taking in the next couple of months, too. None of us are excited about that!

Iris is struggling quite a bit lately. I swear I could have a whole blog devoted to daily thoughts about her development. It's so baffling to me, really. This whole world of 4- almost 5. Iris has amazing highs that make me think she is the sweetest, most perceptive and empathetic child ever. Then other times, I just think "oh my god, who is this devil spawn?!?" Issues at school have just sort of gone from bad to worse. Every time I bring her she freaks out and doesn't want to stay. Yesterday I was the working parent and I couldn't believe how amazingly sassy ALL of the children were. On one hand, it was nice to see it wasn't only my child, but on the other hand, wow, I was blown away at the ability for mean, under-handed, vicious behavior I saw coming out of some of the kids. So clearly SOMETHING is going on. I wonder how much of Iris's current behavior is tying in to what is happening at school-- it certainly feels like the school right now is feeding her aggressive behavior, not helping it. I could go on and on, but I suppose that's all I need to delve in to about it right now.

Eloise, well, she's a little doll. We're enjoying her immensely right now. Her vocabulary is continuing to explode, so listening to what comes out of her mouth is always hilarious and heart-warming. She has been making up spastic new dances (that I tried to upload videos of, to no avail!) and singing silly songs. Her pretend play is fascinating to eavesdrop on. She has been in to napping again, much to our dismay. It means that on the days she naps she's awake until 10:00 or 11:00 at night. She's happy, but awake!

And me? I'm keeping the stress in check. I've gotten serious about getting back in to shape after my huge push last summer that I subsequently abandoned as soon as I was married. I've been walking, doing yoga, doing some other exercises and watching what I eat more closely. Getting VERY excited about the fact that we're mere days away from beginning our home search!

I am desperately hoping that we can all take a mini-vacation out to Whidbey Island the week after next. We need it! Literally we just pretty much want to do nothing. Doing nothing sounds pretty fantastic right about now!


  1. I know a good, cheap cabin on Whidbey that I could recommend for a weekend get-away.

    I actually thought the other day, "I've never thought any age was hard until now!" I really haven't. But although it's fun that Emma June can really speak her mind and have her own opinions, sometimes she just freaks out so badly over the smallest thing and it gets exhausting. I hand her a fork for her pancakes and suddenly she's in her room screaming that her life is over because she wanted to pick out her own fork and me saying, "Um ... I'll put it back and you can get your own ..." means nothing. It's screaming and out of control dramatics for the next hour. Aaaargh. That and if she's in a good mood she wants to physically hang on me constantly. Sometimes I have to actually push her off and say, "Pleeeeease let me go poop without you pulling on me! You can stay off of me for at least one minute while I go to the bathroom!" But then other times it's nice to just sit down and have a conversation with her - something I was looking forward to when she was a baby.

    In all I'm happy about being her mom, but there have been bigger challenges in the last 6 months or so than we've ever had.

  2. Tag! You win a prize. To claim it, visit my blog and read the post titled, "I Win"


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