Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Spring? Really?!?!

Here's a few recent pictures:
The four of us at Lincoln Park in Seattle. That is the Puget Sound behind us.

Matt at the playground.

My mother-in-law and I at the playground.

Eloise at the playground.

Iris at the playground.

Last week we had half of a snow day. This week is just nothing but sun so far! It's crazy, but we love it! Weather.com says it's 53 out right now, though I would say it feels a bit warmer. Maybe just when we're in the sun?

Things have been going really well around here. I mentioned our home buying achievements in my last post, so that's HUGE for us!

Matt's been on two decent length trips away from home and the girls and I have been having alot of fun while he's gone. I never thought I would feel that way as his trips used to cause me tremendous anxiety and I used to need a great deal of support while he was gone. Now I just mostly miss Matt when he's away, but everything else is just as wonderful as always.

We're going on a couple of open houses this week to tour more kindergartens. I'm excited! There is one school that I have in mind as being the best fit for our family, as far as I can tell, so that one is going to be fun to see. I must say, though, I can't wait for this decision to be behind us. It will be fun for the conversations amongst my group of parent friends to veer in another direction!


  1. Great pictures. It looks like you guys had a good time.

  2. Life looks lovely. Hope Spring kicks in soon...xx

  3. Hi Mamamilkers:

    This is just a quick note to thank you for your wise observation on something going on at another blog. I am Stephen, soon to be Ex of Erin and we have the most amazing and loving daughter Elisabeth. I would quite simple cut my arms off for our little girl. I usually don't read Erin's posts any more because of the obvious pain it causes. For some unknown reason I found myself reading tonight and found your comment from Feb 22nd. Erin's "Picking up the Pieces" was so very painful to read, especially as it only tells half of the story. But it is her blog and It is good that she can get so much support from it. But your words were nice and insightfully wise after reading so many harsh comments calling me cruel names and making me the villain. You said it so nicely and simply, "doesn't Stephen have just as much right to spend time with Elisabeth, too?"

    All I want is to be the best and most attentive father I can be for my daughter. As painful as it is to loose Erin it is her life and she deserves to be with whom ever makes her happy. I wish her well. And I can at least report to you that I do not see Elisabeth 4 days a week. I see her for only 3 days, even though we tried in mediation to work out a real 50-50 schedule. I am not sure where the 4 day thing came from but it is not true and it seems to have enraged the mob, so to speak! Erin has 4 days, I have 3 and I have been open to changing those days around so Erin can have some weekend time with Elisabeth.

    Elisabeth and I have a wonderful, special time together, with good friends and regular rituals. I can tell you must know that the pain I feel as her Papa when she goes to be with Erin is as deep and heart-tearing as is it for Erin. A father's love for his child is as deep as a Mother's love. I want to make this situation as best as I can for her. I want to be there for her for all her life, to be the best teacher and guide and loving parent I can be.

    So thank you for reading this just now and thank you for being wise. I do remember your good comments over the years to Erin's blog and always enjoyed your good wisdom. And I am always happy to see such a strong and healthy and happy family that you and Matt have. May it last forever!


  4. Hi Stephen-- I would respond to you privately but your comment didn't link to your email address. I'm so sorry for everything you are all going through. I can't even imagine. It sounds like you're both incredibly loving, involved parents, though, and that's the best thing for Elisabeth!
    I wish you the very, very best. Give your beautiful girl a squeeze for me.



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