Monday, April 20, 2009

Apologies all around

I wanted to apologize for anyone who was trying to read my blog and got a pop-up about Twitter. I had made my Twitter feed private a few weeks ago and it never occurred to me it would mess up my feed to my blog. I just took that feature off of the blog so if you were just soooo bummed to be missing my tweets, feel free to request a follow at

Also, um, yeah, so you can see I haven't been posting any more than I was, despite my best intentions. We had a really busy week last week and then were out of town this weekend. Matt's job has been kicking his ass lately, which is really quite annoying. Why can't they just pay him the same amount and give him a cushy, easy job? Ha ha. Anyways, I've been considering myself lucky, not only to have an amazing husband who works so darn hard for his family, but also because we've been doing pretty good without having him around as much. I noticed the number one thing that affects how good our weeks are is how well the girls get along with each other. More and more they are getting along great but even those moments of fighting, wow, they really make everything seem so much harder to handle. So they've been my awesome little sidekicks while Matt works late nights and we're doing good. I should admit our meals have been less than stellar and our home isn't clean AT ALL, but we're having fun!
This past weekend we all went to visit my in-laws in Yakima, which is in central WA and is a desert. It is interesting, every time we make the drive over there, which is about 2 1/2 hours, I am always struck but the intense change of scenery. We got from a lush, green city, in to rolling green hills then through a mountain pass where the snow was piled up everywhere even though it was 62 degrees! Then back down out of the mountains and in to brown rolling hills and then in to Yakima, which is a flat, dry city surrounded by hills. We brought our dog this time, which we never have done before (we used to bring our other dog, Lily, but Heidi has never gone). Heidi and the girls just romped and screamed and enjoyed my in-laws back yard sooo much. It really made Matt and I realize that priority #1 in or new home is a yard. We have always known that, but just seeing them all play and being able to send them out back to run off some energy was fantastic.
I like our drives to Yakima because Matt and I often use the time to chat, dream about our future and occasionally reminisce about our past. This trip we talked alot about travelling. We had a really wonderful time travelling to Whidbey Island earlier this month and want to continue our trips as much as possible. It's difficult because right now we have that expendable income to use for things like that, but once we buy a house, all of that money will be going in to a mortgage every month. I am sure the trade-off will be that we will simply want to be home more, but it will be sad to be more tied down. We shared ideas about places we would like to visit and thoughts about travelling as the girls get older and more independent.
I brought my camera to Yakima, but can you believe I didn't get a single picture? Annoying. I really need a camera bag so I feel more comfortable toting my fancy camera around. Right now I throw it in my big purse, but then I'm so worried about wrecking it I don't take it around with me.
Which brings me to, I've made a little list of the things I am hoping might be considered as gifts for me for Mother's Day! Usually I don't do this, but right now I'm finding I have quite a list going :)
First up for consideration is a camera bag! This is a Crumpler Six Million Dollar Home bag. I like that it doesn't look like a camera bag.Next we have a new camera lens! This is the Nikon 50mm f/1.8D AF Nikkor Lens which is better for taking indoor shots with available light (or so I've read).

I also want to get a nice big ceramic bowl for bread baking, such as this one:

And would love a wooden board for kneading bread. Look at how neat this one is! It has edges!:

I also want a charm bracelet from Etsy, but haven't yet decided on the best one. There are so many that are completely amazing and perfect!

Allrighty, that's enough for today. I am formulating a post in my head looking for suggestions on what to do with Miss Eloise in terms of sleeping/nursing/potty training, but I'll save that for another day.

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