Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have found that in the past few weeks as I have been practicing mindfulness in every day, mundane situations, that life has gotten, well, more of a flow to it. A steady flow that has made everything I do so much more enjoyable and easier.

Not sure how much it's related, but my girls have gotten, overall, so much more even-keeled, as well. Not to say that they aren't without their moments, believe me, they have their moments!, but overall, it's been so much more enjoyable parenting them. Even in the tough moments. Even though Matt is going on week three of working late nights and we're facing several days with him being out of town later next month. They are still a joy. They play together without adult interference for longer stretches of time. They adore each other. They fight and they love. When I woke Iris up this morning so we could get out of the house bright and early to start our day, the first words out of her mouth were "where is Eloise?". I LOVE that. The other night we snuck them in to bed with each other and while they won't fall asleep together, they snuggled all night. Maybe we're on to something?

In being in the moment I'm also being mindful of where we are headed. To be sure, there are some monster, monster changes on our horizon. Buying our first home is a biggie. I am wanting to wean Eloise this summer, in addition to hoping she starts getting the idea about using the potty and sleeping in her own bed. Not pushing all of it at once, but I know the changes are coming. It can be a struggle to find the balance of where my head is going to be at any one moment, but being more mindful of the process is where I am now.

This can all be attributed to my new yoga class, which I adore to the millionth degree. Our teacher is reminding us to be in the moment, and I believe there is no more important time to be truly in the moment than when I am doing yoga. Giving that time to my mind and body helps to reinvigorate me for the rest of the week.

Besides my yoga class I've been exercising almost seven days a week. Being mindful in walking, which is my exercise of choice outside of yoga, has been helpful on a daily basis. I walk and enjoy the weather and sights and smells. I have been working on eating better, exercising more, eliminating some elements of my diet which aren't serving me, and I'm feeling the effects of it. The difficulty is that it is time consuming. Incorporating these changes in to my life has taken a huge chunk of time, but hopefully the benefits will be the payoff to make me continue long-term.

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