Sunday, April 12, 2009

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I really wish I was a better blogger. To be honest, my blog has been lacking in posts ever since I got in to Facebook. I use FB to just post random thoughts, pictures, articles, all kinds of things that are on my mind. I love to read other people's blogs that use it as a sort of brain dump space, so I might be trying to do that more.

We've been really busy. Matt is busy to the zillionth degree at work. So much so that he even went in to the office today, on Easter! Here is my new mantra: "being busy is job security". Since Matt is so busy, I am more busy at home just being mom and family manager. I've spent this past week just keeping up with everything and haven't been getting too many extra things done.

One thing I worked on this past week was that I have discovered two separate companies that have charging our credit card without "permission". Meaning, I am sure in the fine print somewhere they got my permission, but we were being charged monthly for some weird stuff that I definitely did not ever intend to authorize. It was a good lesson for me to watch our statements more closely.

Easter was okay. Yesterday we took the girls to an egg hunt at a toy store. It was brief, chaotic and I guess the girls had fun. We dyed eggs yesterday, as well, and Iris ate pretty much all of them by now! In the past we've always bought them Easter dresses. I just realized how much I missed shopping this year with my dear friend for Easter clothes for our kids. This year there were no dresses, no where to go to wear them! Iris did wonder aloud what the church in our town was going to look like, as she associates Easter with going to church. I let her know we wouldn't be going to church here, we only do that with Grandma, I think it made her a little sad!

Today the girls woke up and found their baskets and the rest of the day was a regular day. I keep going back and forth about the importance of creating more tradition and celebration on these holidays. The problem is, we're not religious. Why would we really celebrate Easter otherwise? I don't know. We do because our families did when we were growing up, I suppose.

The most exciting thing that has happened this week is that I attended the first of a series of yoga classes. It's the perfect class for me. A great teacher, a class of mamas, I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to go back again!

Another busy week coming up, as well. I am working two days in a row at Iris's school and have a parent meeting this week, too. Swimming lessons, art class, whew! Lots going on. Yes, Iris and Eloise both started a new swimming lesson this past week and Iris also started a new art class on a trial run. She really, really loved the class but it's really run more like a preschool with art than a full class of just art. I won't be re-enrolling her after the month is over (she doesn't need another preschool), but I will look in to finding another class that is more intensely art focused. I really want her to have the opportunity to explore more art forms that she doesn't get to at home or her school, hopefully we'll find the right place to do that!

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  1. i relate to the facebook/tweet versus blog thing. it's not like you're dooce, right? But I have kicked the FB habit, so I am dedicated to keeping up with your posts!


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