Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yoga, how I love thee!

I love my new yoga class. Wait, not just love, I luuuuurve it. It's one of those classes that when it's time to wind down in Savasana, I'm all like, "whaa?!?" and want it to go on for another hour even though the first hour kicked my butt.

I know I'm supposed to clear my mind during yoga, but it's hard. I think good thoughts while I'm doing yoga, damn good thoughts. I swear if I wasn't trying so hard to clear my mind I'd be solving world hunger and figuring out the financial crisis.

This week the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. I've gotten outside for walks each day so far and then also did my yoga tonight. Trying my hardest to get back in shape again! I did it once last year, I can do it again (and then this time make sure to not fall out of shape again!). I've been feeling good, though, so that alone is impetus to keep going with it. Again.

In addition to the exercise I am becoming slightly more conscious about what I'm putting in to my body. Overall I've been eating better, definitely nowhere near perfect, but better than I have been. I've been thinking more about the things I'm consuming that aren't serving me at all. Excess sugar, coffee and alcohol are three that I keep coming back to. One of the biggest/hardest for me is the alcohol. Since we are an alcohol-free household I don't actually drink that much, but maybe once a week I do. And I very much enjoy it! I have been finding, though, that I have developed a complete intolerance to it. No matter what it is-- wine, beer or liquor, it just isn't agreeing with me at all. Even after one drink I get a headache, tipsy and nauseous. I feel like I have a terrible hangover, only without getting to earn it! Not fair. But anyways, I am going to cut out alcohol for a while and see how it goes. The sugar will be hard to get rid of, but mostly I mean it to take out excess sugar in the form of sweets. And the coffee, well, I love my Starbucks, but I want to see how it changes my anxiety level. And it will surely save me some money!

Hopefully come warm weather my body will fit in to my summer clothes. We'll see!


  1. ooh, best of luck! I'm glad you're feeling better. Good luck on all 3. These babies are making me give them up...seems as though my children, while in utero, do not like sweets, coffee or caffeine. Imagine my dismay when I was very sick ALL day after my honey bun and Dr Pepper breakfast. Blah. Too bad I can't go walking with you!

  2. Sweets, alcohol, and coffee are my three major food groups so I salute you. ;)


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