Friday, May 15, 2009

Consumed with home buying

I thought I would have enough fodder to keep up this blog as well as my new blog, but it turns out buying a house is pretty much all-consuming. If you would like to know what is going on on that front, feel free to check out my other blog:

I am sure you're just dying to see a picture, right?

Here it is! $300,000 of money well spent!

Ha ha. Just kidding. That house would surely be more like $250,000.

HERE is our house!

The inspection is tomorrow, so that is really that last BIG hurdle we have to get over in order to feel like it's really going to be ours. We have big plans. Big plans and no money (well, not after this deal goes through! lol)

So I've been spending my days at home dealing with house stuff and on my usual mom duty. We thought Matt's work craziness would have died down a bit after his big trip last week, but alas, it really hasn't. I like to call it "job security" but really it's just been more long days for him (and us) and that's just not that fun at all. I was pleased to hear that the employees at his company are basically being forced to take their vacation hours and he has alot. It will really come in handy with moving!

The girls have been pretty much great. I'm planning Iris's 5th birthday party, which is going to be very small and hosted at a party space at a local shop. The party is the weekend before we move, so there is no way we'll be set up to do a party in our apartment! I have really been enjoying listening in on their imaginary play. As time goes on they are getting better and better at playing together for longer stretches of time, but they can turn on each other in a heartbeat. Best friends to worst enemies and back again. Whew!


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