Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mommy!

I wanted to share the cards that the girls made for me for Mother's day. I'll start with Eloise's card. Her dad wrote "Happy Mother's Day" on the inside of it, but when asked what it said, Eloise responded "Happy Mommy!" I think I prefer her explanation :)

Iris decorated her card a little more thoroughly. The front has pictures of cheese quesadillas:
The middle has a picture of all of us going for a walk:

The back has a picture of me eating my Mother's Day breakfast:

They then gave me the best Mother's day present of all, which was helping to clean. Oh my goodness. I asked them once, and they cleaned up their legos and crayons. Yay for one less thing for me to do on MY day! Gotta love how these girls pull through.

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  1. Those are fantastic drawings! Don't you love your children's art? I'm always impressed by my son's creative range.


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