Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I'm doing it! Sorta.

I am in the middle of several days without my hubby. He is in Orlando, probably doing laps in the giant pool surrounded by palm trees that he sent me a picture of with his Blackberry. Me? I'm neck-deep in small child insanity. To be fair, they aren't always like this. And to be more fair, I haven't had as much energy as I would like to be getting them out and wearing off their steam.

This is a pretty long stretch for me to get absolutely zero breaks from being on mom-duty 24/7. And the worst, the nail in the coffin, is not getting to go to yoga tomorrow night. I know, I know, cry me a river. It's just my only salvation and damn it, I NEED my yoga! Oh, well.

I did pretty good today, though. After getting Iris from school we came home and rested and then I came up with an idea to keep us all busy while staying in out of the rain-- we went to the indoor wading pool. We all had a blast! The girls were leaping off the side of the pool in to the water. It was three feet deep, but that's enough for them to jump and go under if they want. Eloise was getting all crazy trying to jump off backwards even. The girl is a fish, I swear! Both of them were swimming all over with life jackets on, but it feels like they could both be swimming without if they just had a touch more practice.

After we got home I made dinner and didn't have to break up a single fight while I did so. Ahhh. After dinner the girls pretty much made an entire batch of mini pumpkin muffins with little help from me. They loved it. And they are now calm, happy and the world is good again.

I can't wait until we have a house with more space and a yard. I can't wait for the girls to be able to race around outside any time they want to (or any time I want them to!). It seems like such a simple thing, but when you don't have instant access to outside space it becomes a very big deal.

We're planning on a pajama day at home tomorrow (since Iris is sad she has to miss the one at school) so that should be fun. Hoping it doesn't rain so that we can even get the dog out for exercise! Poor girl.

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