Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh no.

I made a fatal error. You see, since we are moving to a different part of the city I needed to find a new school for Iris to attend next year. Yes, all of the worrying and touring and planning I did this Winter/Spring was for nothing. Iris won't be attending any of the schools we looked in to. Of course, we didn't know when everything with the house would work out, but still it's annoying.

So I brought the girls to see a small private school in our new neighborhood. The school was recommended to me by a parent of a child in Iris's class so I decided to check it out. We got there and almost immediately I knew it was a perfect fit. We checked out the preschool room, since I thought it might be worth keeping our options open for Eloise, as well, since her current school is going to be pretty far away from where we are moving.

The preschool room had lots of different areas set up for the kids and also had an outside space. Each classroom had their own garden, as well. The teachers in all of the rooms were on the young side and appeared to have a similar sort of vibe as Matt and I, which I liked. There was a kindergarten through second grade room, in addition to the three preschool rooms. There are going to be 17 kids in the K-2 class with two teachers (actually, each class has two teachers). Again, they also have an outside area with their own garden.

There was a huge space in the middle of the school building that is used for art and creative projects. Everywhere there was kid-created art hanging, which I love. I hate it when you go in to schools and everything on the walls is store-bought posters and charts and things.

There are also some fantastic logistical things about this school. It's less than ten minutes from our new house. I could bring the girls both at the same time and pick them up at the same time. Iris would go only four days a week-- which I LOVE the idea of-- and Eloise would go three full days a week. There are no required working parent days, either. There is alot of parent involvement, but nothing is required in the classrooms.

So this all sounds great, right? It really is. But as with anything, there is the price tag. It's out of our budget. Not by a lot-- this school is actually more on par financially with co-operative schools than with other Seattle-area private schools, but still, it's a bit out of range for us. I asked about financial aid and we'll see if that is something we qualify for. My other thought was with the girls out of the house three full days per week I can try and do some kind of work to fill the gap between the cost of school and what we can currently afford.

Anyways, I am just sooo in love. I have never even considered private school before for Iris, as I just didn't want to know what was out there because we wouldn't be able to afford it for the girls. However, I thought I could look in to this one due to it being a smidge cheaper, and I'm glad I did.

Now it's just working it all out to make it happen!

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  1. God is SO GOOD and I'm sure He will find a way for your girls to go to the PERFECT school for them! I'm excited for you guys :)


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