Sunday, May 24, 2009

Random picture post

I always think about how I don't like reading people's blogs that don't post many pictures. Even if the blog is freakin' hilarious, I get bored without photos. So I am going to try and do better posting pictures!

Of course, I don't have any more recent than a month ago. I need to get the pics off of my camera(s) D'Oh!

We tried to potty train Eloise this weekend. It didn't really work. Yesterday was okay, she didn't really pee too much on the potty, but also didn't have any accidents. She pretty much held it in most of the day. She did scream and freak out because she wanted a diaper badly like, really, REALLY badly. Today though, we had a 0% success rate. Every single pee and poop (three poops) was in her undies. Not a single one in the potty. Okay, okay. Message received. We'll revisit this at a later date.

This afternoon we went to a friend's BBQ. They have three kids and our girls adore them (I sense the feeling is mutual!) I really can't wait until we can host our own BBQs! Soon, very soon! Well, actually, technically, not that soon-- we go on vacation for three weeks ten days after we move in-- but you know, soon.

I was chatting with my friend about how lucky we have been, how blessed we have been, to be having all of our prayers answered in our house and the girl's new school. It is so amazingly fulfilling to watch the joy in our friends as we go through this process. To be surrounded by so much excitement makes this all so much more special for us. My dear friend Julie has asked to go and see the house, so we're going to do a drive-by tomorrow. Anyways, it's great to have a cheering section. To have people in our lives who feel like we deserve this, we've earned this and we've worked so hard for it. We feel that way, too :)

It's been such a gorgeous Memorial Day weekend here in Seattle and we've been doing our best to get outside a bit and soak in the sunshine. Maybe tomorrow we will trek over to a park on the Puget Sound and explore the beach as it's going to be a very low tide! I remember last time we went-- I took the girls last summer-- the girls were terrified of the crabs. We'll see how they do this time. When we were on Whidbey Island they both carried around dead crabs, so maybe they aren't as scared of them now?


  1. We're potty training too. Not going to perfectly, but he's getting there. We just need to get more consistent. It's just so hard.
    Best of luck to you with that challenge!

  2. Emma June was super resistant to the potty too. She had gotten it into her head that it would "hurt" to go potty in the potty instead of the diaper. So, once she got past that it was a breeze - of course she was 18 months older than Eloise is now! Good luck with that. It'll be very cool to be finally done with diapers! And I can't wait to see your new house!


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