Friday, May 22, 2009

So unbelievably blessed

Remember the last post I just wrote? This one?

Well, I have quite the update.

After some back and forth with the director of the school Iris and Eloise are, come September, both going to go to the school I was writing about! I am still pinching myself.

I emailed the director and basically laid it out for her, explaining how much we loved the school and how well it would fit in our lives and how perfect it was for us . . . but that we simply had a short-fall in our budget in terms of making it happen. I asked if they had financial aid left and also if they ever hired parents to work in exchange for tuition reimbursement. I mentioned that I would try to get a job to help pay for the tuition, but that I couldn't guarantee that would work out so I wouldn't feel safe signing them up not knowing there was for sure a way we could pay for it.

She emailed me back saying how much they would love to have us at their school and how I really seemed to "get" what they were doing with their philosophy on early childhood development. She said they didn't really have any financial aid left for next year and gave me a couple of suggestions for a school schedule we could afford. I thought about it and decided we would try to get Iris in to a public school and then maybe think about this school for only Eloise so I emailed the director back and thanked her for her problem-solving but that we were going to look in to public school for Iris.

Well last night I got an amazing email back. She said that they worked it out and would be able to give us a tuition discount, and it was enough to make it work for us! So now Iris will be in kindergarten there and Eloise will be going to three full days of preschool in September !

It is so bittersweet, though, as Eloise was slated to start in the preschool program that Iris is graduating from. It is truly a wonderful, sweet, amazing program. The teacher is beyond fantastic. She is one of the most patient, thoughtful, creative, loving people I have ever met in my life. I really mean that. Leaving that community of people will be heart-breaking because I adore them all so much. I was really looking forward to the incoming group of preschoolers. I had really felt like I found my groove there and everything was going to be amazing for the next two years. I could have left Eloise there and made it (somehow) work-- that wouldn't have been impossible, just very difficult. I don't think I would have considered switching her if the stars hadn't all aligned like they did in this situation.

Anyways, we're just happy as can be and are now waiting for everything to come through on our house. Yay!

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  1. I'm so glad the school issue is going to work out for you guys!!!


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