Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Where is my mind?

Not only an accurate description of my life right now, but also my favorite song by the Pixies :)


So last week I managed to leave my cell phone on the top of the car and drive all over West Seattle with it up there. It was still there when I stopped at my friend's house to see if I had left it sitting on her table. Yeah. Then today I leave my car keys on top of the car. Matt was driving and for whatever reason, I had my keys and set them on the car. We drove away, then rounded a corner and I heard the sound of keys hitting pavement. Matt pulls over, I sprint down the middle of the street to fetch my keys, all the while wondering how exactly I got so spacey. I used to never do stuff like that!

Not surprisingly, focusing my mind while I'm in yoga class is a huge feat these days. I just can't. My mind will be wandering for minutes before I'll even realize it. And about the dumbest stuff, too. Like how I want to tell my friend to tell her husband to take yoga classes. How I wish I wouldn't have worn such short shorts because surely everyone behind me is getting WAY too good of a view during my downward dog. I my daughters did okay going to sleep without me there.
I have said it before, but I looooove my yoga class. Tonight I was also lamenting the fact that we are moving to the other side of the city and it will make it very difficult to keep going to this same class. It's at the perfect time of day, it's all mamas, and oh my god my teacher is so delicious. I adore her and want to eat her up. Tonight while in class another thing I did was lament about how so many parts of our lives are changing because of this move. We are changing just about everything, it's almost like we might as well be moving across the country!
Here is a Seattle map to assist you in your visualization.

*I have to add that my boundaries are not completely accurate, but are pretty good.

West Seattle is like it's own little city, practically. It's great, we are excited about it, but it feels so removed from everything else in Seattle. I am sure we'll find everything bigger and better there than we had here, but it will take time. Starting over can be exhilarating and daunting.

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  1. Am I the friend who you thinks husband should take yoga classes? I think that me AND my husband should take yoga classes.


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