Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 11th and 12th

Not much to report about Saturday the 11th other than that was the day Matt finally arrived to join us on the vacation! Actually, that was pretty exciting for all of us. We had a fairly low-key day besides that. In the morning the girls, my dad and I went grocery shopping at Meijer, a store which I LOVE. The girls particularily enjoyed the mechanical horse at the store that only cost a penny to ride.

One Sunday the 12th my dad took Matt and I sailing on his boat. He keeps the boat on White Lake, which is the same lake we vacationed on two years ago with my parents, my sister and my brother's families. We motored out through the lake and then sailed on Lake Michigan. It was a perfect day. Sunny but not too hot and just enough breeze for a little sail.

Here is my dad's boat. Her name is Kestrel.

Here is my husband, the trusty captain of this fine boat.
Raising the sail!

Okay, we weren't actually sailing yet, just getting the sail ready. Here we are motoring out through the channel in to Lake Michigan.

Hey look! Here I am! I really was on vacation, I have the pictures to prove it! I didn't enjoy captaining the boat (is that a real word? captaining?) because all I could do was stare at the compass to make sure I was going the right way. And then most of the time, I wasn't anyways.

Portrait of my handsome dad and I. He will be 62 this year (or is already 62. Shit. I can't remember). Can you believe that handsome devil is a senior citizen?

A lovely light house on the way back through the channel. Actually, it is a maritime museum now.

Oooo, here I am again! On vacation! Hiiiii!!!!!!!!

Here I am AGAIN! This is just craziness.
My toes enjoyed the sail, too.

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  1. Hey - how come the pics of my feet didn't make it up on this blog?


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