Monday, July 20, 2009

July 5th-7th

On July 5th we decided to visit another beach, this time Kirk Park. The beach was absolutely spectacular! This time it was the same as the July 4th crew, minus my parents. The kids had a blast playing, again, the adults had a blast playing, again! Julie made Iris and Eloise in to sand mermaids, first with Eloise.
Then with Iris, who wanted her mermaid name, Lilac, written in to the sand on her tail.

This picture of Iris was completely unintentional (not quite sure how a DSLR even does that!) but I ended up just loving it. It feels very dream-like to me.

I don't have any pictures from Monday the 6th-- that morning my sister's family left to go back to Milwaukee and Julie wanted to head to Saugatuck for her last big MI hurrah before leaving to go back to Seattle on Tuesday. She and I took Eloise and after a stop at Old Navy and a stint stuck in vacationing traffic headed south, we finally made it to Saugatuck. It's a lovely, quaint little tourist town right on Lake Michigan. We had lunch, stopped for ice cream then popped in a couple cute little shops. Eloise played for a bit on the playground before we headed back to Grandma's house. For dinner Julie wanted to go out to eat and we had heard that the restaurant near my folks house wasn't too bad. Yes, it was an American/Italian/Mexican place, but hey, you never know! Well, we gave it a try, it was, um, not that great. But still fun.
We saw Julie off on Tuesday afternoon and had a low-key night. The evening grew darker with the girls playing in Grandma's sprinklers.

And of course, can't forget the gratuitous shot of one of my favorite midwestern beers!

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