Monday, July 20, 2009

July 8th-10th

On Wednesday July 8th we met our friends from Muskegon at a wonderful playground for a playdate. We were there for a really, really long time and the kids raced around playing non-stop. We could only drag them away with the promise of ice cream!

Check out Eloise's curls! Her hair has been crazy curly during our time in Michigan.
This is my friend's little guy. I love this picture.

Iris and my friend's son going down the slide together.

My friend's daughter, in her dashing pink hat!
There were a bunch of families at the park that day and several of us decided to climb with the kids up a huge sandy path that stopped at the top of a ridge.

The top of the path provided an amazing view of Lake Michigan. I got one good picture of the girls . . .

. . . then this happened.

And then this.

We headed back down, which was alot more fun than going up!

The three girls sitting nicely for their photo to be taken.
Here is my family and my friend's family. Her little guy was not too interested in getting his picture taken so there were some hilarious outtakes!

Getting ready to leave for ice cream! Ice cream is always more delicious when you're on vacation. Check out my little monkey in the purple pants!
On Thursday the 9th our same friends invited us along to see a steel drum band play at the Spring Lake library. A band in a library? We were there! At one point they laid out a bunch of hula hoops and the girls all took turns trying it out. Iris was surprisingly good at it!
Then the limbo bar came out. The girls had a blast doing this, too, though they couldn't quite figure out how to actually limbo.

On Friday the 10th we had a low-key day. Iris decided she wanted her Grandma to cut her hair for her!

And the finished product!

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